Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, sorry I haven't been around much for several days. We went on our house hunting trip! I am glad we went and the boys did amazing! They were fantastic on the flight both there and back. There first plane ride...now that is scrapping material! The hotel experience was interesting to say the least. They have never slept anywhere but their cribs so it was hard each night to get them to bed. Got better but then I think Cameron is either getting more teeth (maybe the molars?) or he is sick. It got cold while we were there (lows in the 30s one night). I loved the weather. It was such a beautiful time of year and honestly we can't wait to get moved.

So, no scrapping for me since the boys wouldn't go down each night. Must play catch up the next few days. Sleepy, sleepy right now so heading to bed. Hope everyone has a great week!

1 comment:

Margaret said...

I'm glad that the trip went well; those boys of yours are amazing! Anything promising on the house front?


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