Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm in one of those funks again. I hate this kind of mood. I want to do so much and yet an overwhelmed by it all. Not to mention my little ones are a little out of sorts today. Noah just spent 10 minutes crying himself to sleep. I was just about to go in and he finally stopped. Seriously, I had just started walking toward the stairs. Do they know these sorts of things or something? I can't take it when the kiddos cry like that when they go to bed. They hardly ever do it but it seems to happen for a few days in a row...usually when we have been out of our normal routine, which we have the last few days. And next week will be much the same. Sigh.

I finally broke down and bought the boys a wagon today. I have wanted to get them one for a while now. I didn't because of the move, then I waited because we have so much stuff in the garage. I just had to do it. If I want to go to the orchard and stuff this is so much easier than the stroller. Plus Halloween will be much more fun with the wagon instead of the stroller.

It has gotten down right cold here lately. Monday is supposed to be down to 29 degrees! Brrr is all I can say. It is fine inside but to be outside for a while gets chilly to say the least. Guess I need to find my winter stuff...and soon. I did pick up the boys some winter coats and snow pants today. So at least that is done finally.

Oh, I have fallen in love with this blog. They were talking about making jams/butters and the recipe they gave for Pear-Cardamon Butter just sounds to die for. I think next year I will have a chance to do a lot more stuff like this since we will not just have moved in. And the boys will be a little older and doing more on their own. Plus they will enjoy things like this as well a little more. But man I can't wait to try this recipe!

Okay, off to try and scrap. They have some cool new challenges over at My Scrap Shop. Go and check them out!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Busy bees...

Been some busy bees this week. I am still in my organizational mode and trying to find good ways to get this house back in shape. Working on it but it is coming along slowly. I actually got to spend a good deal of time on it Wednesday since the boys go to PDO for a few hours and then come home and nap. So progress is made at least.

Thursday we have Kindermusik and today we went to the Children's Museum. It is like the best place in the world for them. It was PACKED today since all the schools around are on Fall Break. Crazy was an understatement.

We had fun today though and the boys were happy little clams. They even got to eat some yummy sugar cookies (from the post below) the last few days and so mommy needs to make more. They actually had the Frankensteins tonight and it was pretty funny since they had some black icing on them. Needless to say I will stick with ghosts and pumpkins this go round. :)

M took off on Monday so we can go to a farm or somewhere that has pumpkins and a corn maze. Should be fun but it is going to be chilly! I guess we will see how well I do with the layering. The boys could care less as long as they are outside. They never want to come in when we go out to play. Which is actually a good thing in my opinion. Hope that is something that sticks with them. I was outside a lot as a kid so hoepfully they will enjoy it as well.

Okay, off to play with some more Halloween stuff I am working on. This is actually getting me in a holiday mood I haven't been in for some time now. With the pregnancy and the boys not understanding much last year and being so small it was tough the last few years to really get into any of the holidays. This year is already been so much fun with them!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Look what I did...

See what I made tonight...

I had so much fun decorating cookies!!!! I am going to have to go out and get me some cookie cutters. I forgot how much fun decorating sugar cookies was. And they taste VERY yummy too.

Did some planning today for what I am going to do with a few rooms in the house. Still have so far to go but just keep trying to plug away at it little by little. And I am going to attempt to use a lot of the stuff we already have and "repurpose" it. Let's see how well that comes out. I took a few before pictures today so we will see when the after is all done.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Oh! I forgot that we had our first frost yesterday! Can you believe it? If I were still in Texas it would be a ways off before we would have our first frost. It feels like Fall here finally and it is fantastic!

The boys were little cows last year for Halloween. I loved this kit from Colie's Corner and had to scrap them (finally!). Can't wait to get them into their costumes this year and take some cute photos. We are actually going to take them Trick or Treating too! Cameron will say it but so far Noah just looks at me like I am from another planet or something. Ha!

Credits: Little Heebie Jeebies from Colie's Corner, Template from Racketty Scrappety, Fonts are Conrad Veidt and Yorktown for the title

I think I am actually going to head to bed early tonight, if you consider 10 pm early. I do! Can hardly keep my eyes open and am ready to go. Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Can't it be Saturday night?

Still amazed how fast the weekend went. I swear I just woke up and it was Saturday morning and now it is already Sunday night. Sigh. Wow...felt like I just played with the boys all weekend and that was it. Not a bad thing to do but still...didn't get much done. we did get the boys a little something. I'll have to share once I download the photos. ;)

Got a page scrapped while the boys were napping today. I have had such a hard time scrapping any of the major moments in their lives. Strange I know, but the every day moments seem to be so much easier for me to do. Maybe it's because I am too much of a perfectionist or something. Oh well. I came across this template at Racketty Scrappety and it all just came together. Very cool indeed!

Credits: MSS Collab Kit Get Well, Stitching from MCA Designs, Template from Racketty Scrappety, Fonts are Candy Stripe and Rage.

It's time for me to find the boys some real winter gear. I am tempted to order it from LL Bean but not sure what sizes to order. Do I just order what size they actually wear or a size up so their sweater and stuff will fit in it as well? I may just call and ask about this as I have no clue! I also have to get myself a new coat and some warm clothes. Ugh...why is it I hate to shop when it comes to stuff like this?

Friday, October 17, 2008


I need to learn to embrace the fact that I am an anal retentive kind of person. I just realized this evening how much so. Seems to be getting worse the older I get. I thought it was the opposite but tonight showed me I am sadly mistaken.

So I go to dinner with a bunch of girls and the subject of laundry comes up. They were talking about how many times they wear a piece of clothing before they launder it. So that brought up many other topics of the sort after and I just realized I am a very routine/anal kind of person. Sigh. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Sigh. Off to bed for me to ponder.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's a mom to do?

So, the last 2 times I have gone to pick up Noah from Parent's Day Out he has taken one look at me and just reached over to whatever kiddo was closest and pulled their hair. And I am not talking just a short little yank. He grabs a hold and pulls and it is tough to get his strong little hand away. I have no idea why he is doing this nor do I know how to get him to stop. I am praying it is just a phase. My theory is that he is mad at me for leaving him and this is his way of showing this upon my return. Hmm...what's a mom to do?

One of the pictures from Sunday's snow in Salt Lake City. Just so beautiful and peaceful I just didn't want to disturb any of it. I LOVE this time of year!

I have really been in unpack, sort, get rid of, want to organize kind of mode all week. Amazing what a person can get done while in this sort of state of mind. I just want to go out and either find or build a desk for my craft area. I have loved my drafting table but the time has come I need an actual desk type thing. I would like a corner one with lots of room on top and drawers. But we will see what we find. I am hoping to find a used one for a good deal and just refinish as needed. But we will see. Have an idea in my head what I want but let's see how long that will take to make. I actually found something very close to it in a magazine but the people had made it themselves. Too bad they didn't put instructions in there! Hmm...wonder if I contacted them if they would help a gal out. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting back into my groove

Wow...didn't realize that getting back into our routine would be tough. It hasn't been too bad really but I am so out of it as far as my time/sleeping. Two hour time difference isn't a good thing when you come back and lose two hours! I'll hopefully catch back up by the end of the week. The good news...I have already gotten so much done for the week so I am a happy camper. :)

Going to try out a new recipe tomorrow night. We'll see how it goes over. Thinking I will use the crock pot instead of cooking it in the oven as it calls for. Herb Rubbed Sirloin Tip Roast. Sounded yummy so only time will tell.

Okay, off to do some reading before hitting the sack. Hope all is well in your world!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Heading home...

Going back home this morning. Well, early afternoon I guess. We had fun. I actually didn't get as much scrapping done as I thought I would but I did manage to do this page. :) I had been wanting to do it for a while and just couldn't get the thing to click for me. Finally did I think.

Credits: Papers - Love Actually from Ladybug Designs, Brush from Katie Pertiet's Everyday Challenge, Brads - Colie's Corner, Font is Sylfaen

I am hoping to do all 3 of the houses we have lived in so far since we have been married. Hmm...I wonder if I should go back and include our townhome in NC. Just remembered that one. May have to change this to house 4. ;)

Headed to the airport soon to make the trek back to Indiana. This was a fun time and now we have decided we must meet to do the scrapping thing every so often. Maybe next time we will do a nice B&B where we can scrap the day away instead. Hmm...sounds so nice. But I had fun and it was great to spend the time with my buddy and other scrappers out there.

It snowed here this morning. So very cool! Will have to post some photos when I get back. It is just so beautiful to me. I love it and can't wait for it to snow at home so they boys can also enjoy it. I think they will love playing in it. :)

Okay, off to finish the packing up and head out. Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And I'm off...

My little guys love playing in the dirt. They just throw it up in the air and have a ball. I was lucky enough to capture this shot the other day and love it! Will make a fun layout soon I hope.
The MIL is here and the boys just got back and are going down for their nap. I am nervous as I'll get out but hey, they will be just fine. I will be just fine. I leave in about 3 more hours so am about to go up and pack and put the good old computer away until tomorrow I assume. Woo-hoo!

And Colie over at Colie's Corner just came out with the cutest Halloween kit! I can't wait to play, play, play (as my boys would put it) with this one.

And speaking of Halloween, we got the boys a costume finally! They are going to be little devils...which is what they act like some days lately.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting ready...

I am so not ready for tomorrow. Well, I am but I'm not. I am just nervous and excited. Strange mix of emotions.

I spent most of my evening working on some stuff for the trip. Then Noah decided he wanted to wake up at 11 last night so that threw a kink into things. But he didn't stay up too, too long and I wasn't able to finish up just not after they went down for their nap. Now I have one more thing checked off my list and need to get a few more done while they are napping. This all kind of snuck up on me. First time I have had to "prepare" to be away.'s a lot of work!

I, like many others out there, LOVE Ali Edwards. She is just amazing to me. I love what she does and how creative she can be. I am seriously planning on doing this project when I get back next week. I didn't do it last week because I knew it would be a crazy week and this week obviously is not a "normal" one for us. So next week it is! I am really looking forward to it and I love the format she is using. What a cool project.

I love this time of year. It is so pretty and wonderful. I think Fall is my favorite time hands down. I love Spring too but Fall for me just is magical. Maybe it is because the holidays are rolling in. Who knows...but I just love it. The colors this year here don't seem to be as vibrant as I expected. I think a lot of that has to do with lack of rain. So strange, when we first moved here it was flooding. Then as the summer rolled in it hardly rained at all. Strange summer for me. But I hear it is going to be a very cold winter so we will see how I survive my first winter here! Looking forward to the snow and playing with the boys. I think I may have more fun than they do! Mommy may be the one who doesn't want to go inside. ;)

Still plugging away at the unpacking. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever be finished with it. I have yet to hang pictures but plan to when I return from my trip. I was going to this week but just haven't totally decided what I am putting where. I am going to be moving some decor around from the last house and not sure until I get it all unpacked where it will be going. So a little more time unpacking and I will be ready to hang away. Not to mention I am still on the fence as to if I want to keep the stuff we had in our bedroom or move it to the guest room and start over in our room. Love the colors and all but my guest room is in need of some serious TLC.

Okay, off to cross a few more things off the list while the boys are napping. Woo-hoo!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

So many favorites

I have so many favorite pictures of the boys. I laugh at myself but I can't help it. Every once in a while I get that perfect picture of them. And since they change so much it seems daily I can have as many favorites as I want, right?

One of my reasons for scrapbooking is that I want the boys to know how we felt and what kinds of things they did as they were growing up. I want them to know how very much they are loved and be able to look back fondly on the memories of when they were children. So that includes my favorite pictures of them! This is one I just did for Noah's book. Love the way the light caught him as he was sitting there.

Credits: Paper are by Raspberry Road, Photo Mask (which I used 2 different ones so go here and here), Title Brush, grungy border and leaves are by MCA Designs. Font is Will and Grace(love that font!)

And of course Mondays are Monday Madness over at MCA Designs so you can pick up 2 different awesome items (including the title brush I used above) for only 25 cents! Can't beat that deal!!!!!

Just 3 more days left and I will be on my way to Salt Lake City! Woo-hoo! Trying so very hard not to be nervous about leaving the boys. I'm a wimp...I admit it.

Off to bed for me...long day and I am sleepy! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Daddy and me

It's not often I scrap pages for some reason with people other than the kiddos. Didn't realize this really until today when I scrapped this page. I took this photo the other day and LOVED it. It was an accident of course but hey, sometimes those are the best photos. It was the first day it was really cold enough to wear jackets and the boys just looked so darn cute in the only jacket they own right now. Had to take some photos!

Credits: MSS Collab kit Get Well Soon

I am getting to play with some cool new things that are coming out on Monday. So you will have to check back for some more layouts with some fun new stuff by MCA Designs.

The closer Salt Lake City gets the more nervous I am becoming. I thought I would be just fine leaving the boys. I hope I am just fine leaving the boys. Thankfully Cathy is a veteran and will be there to help me through it! I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry. I am such a weenie!

I got so much done today I am amazed. I tried a new grocery store and LOVED it. Will be going back there every week now. It is a little further for me to drive but SO worth it. Their produce was actually great...which has been a big disappointment for me since we have moved here. So happy to find some good produce again!

I watered and fertilized part of the yard, will finish it tomorrow. Laundry, cleaning, got Halloween decorations out (not up but at least out), baked two loaves of yummy cinnamon/vanilla bread. Hmm, I know there is more but can't tired. So, off to finish folding some laundry, put the yummy bread away and to bed for me! Hope everyone had a great Saturday!

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Friday! Woo-hoo! Not sure why Friday's still excite me but they do. And it is one day closer to my fun trip to Salt Lake City next week!

Noah woke up in the middle of the night and just cried and cried. Nothing I did seemed to help. This is the second or third time this has happened in the last few months. After a while and I feel he has kind of calmed down some I will lay him back in his bed and let him cry for just a minute on his own and he goes back to sleep. But this is after I have tried everything I can think of including Tylenol. I am wondering if he is getting more teeth but he won't let me really get a good look. His teeth came in so much slower than Cameron's so I would imagine that they probably bug him when they do finally come in after nothing for so long. I think one of his eye teeth are trying to poke through. I hope that is all it is!

So this is the little page I did the other night with Sir's Funky Monkey. Just a cute kit to work with!

Credits: Kit is Funky Monkey by Sir Scrapalot, brushes by Katie Pertiet and font is CK Ali's Hand.

I am considering creating a new blog just for my scrapping. Not 100% sure yet but have toyed with the idea for a while now. Hard enough for me to keep up with one blog let alone two! :) So it may just be something I toy with for a while longer. But I am working on getting a fantastic blog makeover though! Woo-hoo!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quick day... kind of flew by. I blinked and it was time to put the boys to bed. When we went to PDO this morning Noah didn't want to stay. I ended up staying for 30 minutes and finally just decided it was best if I try to step out. When I went to pick him up he was all smiles and playing just fine. I have to just rip the bandaid off don't I? Hard for mommy to do. Sigh.

MCA Designs is having their Thursday go and check it out. Love the fall leaves (Fall Felt and Stitched) and the stitches (which I used on my layout in the post below)! And my good friend Pam (aka Ladybug Pages) made these awesome quick pages for you! So go and check them out, they are a freebie today over at MCA Designs!

So off now to work on some new scrap pages. I have 2 new fantastic kits I am playing with. First is Ladybug's Love Actually...very beautiful kit.

And second is Sir Scrapalot's Funky Monkey.


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