Friday, April 9, 2010

More decisions...

Decisions. I know I have talked about them before on this blog. Man is it tough at times. Right now we are trying to make a major decision and all I want to do is take some time to stop thinking about it and analyzing. I know what I want to do but have to figure out how to make it happen. In a lot of ways I guess it can be viewed as a step back but for me it will be a huge step forward. Something I can give my children that I wish I would have had. So, with all that being said, I can't share until we make the final decision. Sorry for the tease but had to get that off my chest!

It has been a beautiful day but chilly. The boys wanted to play outside so badly but it was just too cold and windy. Man is it windy here. Shocks me every time. But Spring is almost fully here and we get to be outside once again so I won't complain about a few chilly days. We still had fun today!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

So I was reading my usual list of blogs today and came across this post. Of course I had to go and see what mine was so off I went. And guess what? I am within my average weight! I can't believe it. I still weigh more than I did before I had the boys but at least I have been able to lose a little these last few months. Now if I could just keep going. The only real thing I have been doing is watching how large my portions are. Nothing else. In fact, I haven't even been able to make it to the gym since the boy's schedule changed in January. You would think losing a little weight would motivate me to get myself back in there. Just so, so busy and the last thing on my mind at the end of the day is exercise. I know, I know, excuses. But at the moment my sanity is worth having a few extra pounds. :)

Today would have been my dad's birthday. I always miss him but his birthday is one of those days I am just kind of sad and REALLY miss him. It's so hard for me to believe he's gone at times. I just want to pick up the phone and give him a call. I just tried to keep myself busy today and enjoy time with hubby and the kiddos and even did some cleaning out of the garage. How's that for keeping myself busy?

On a happier note, we have been able to spend a lot of time outside this last week. Yippee! Sunshine is a wonderful thing. Hoping for some more great weather this next week so we can do much of the same! I'll leave you with one of my favorite photos from this week. :)


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