Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have always had a lot of faith. The thing is that even though I had a lot of faith I still worried. A lot. These last few years I have truly worked on not worrying. Now don't get me wrong, I still have a LONG way to go but I will say these last 2 years have made me much stronger in just believing and had much less worry to go with it.

Now you can believe in God or whoever. I personally do believe in God and tend to "talk" to Him anytime I start to worry. These last 2 months have been amazing. I thought getting our house ready to sell was going to kill me. Seriously. It took me over 6 weeks of working on the thing constantly. Some days the entire day. I felt like I went days without even seeing my own children. Not a good feeling for me.

When we finally put the thing on the market it truly wasn't "show" ready. But I figured no one would come and look at it on a holiday weekend anyway. I was right...but the last night of the 3 day weekend they called and wanted to show the house the next day. This I was not ready for. So of course we rushed around like crazy people to get the place ready. Then I stalked my email for feedback from the agent who showed the house. It was miserable. Thankfully the agent gave very prompt feedback (which spoiled us) and we felt like we were at least on the right track.

The house showed like 4 or 5 times that week. The following week we got an offer. What? I was shocked. Freaked out actually. All that week I had prayer every time I got worried that we would sell the house fairly quickly (I was thinking in the first 2 months) so that we would not have to be separated for too long. I knew it would be really tough on the boys. And who am I too!

Well, He answered my prayers. So the next week we were scheduled to go and look at houses in NC. Little did we know at the time we scheduled the trip that we would be needing to find a house in those few days. But we did. And the first one we made an offer on didn't work out. I was sad, upset even. So we started over again and found one that would work. I was disappointed to be honest. I wanted a fixer upper and when M started looking he really wanted something move-in ready. So I just went with it. I remember thinking as I sat in the car with Noah (he had fallen asleep) that although this was a beautiful house I wasn't sure I wanted to be that far out, wasn't sure if M had thought through how much furniture and other things we would have to get rid of, wasn't sure about the neighborhood. Wasn't sure about so many things...and yet I was going with it.

Over the last week I have had time to think about this and reflect on the whole situation. I have come to realize through this entire process I have just kind of "gone with it" and look at what has happened. Not to say I haven't had my share of stressing out but over all this has been a strangely calm process for me. Although I can think of twice I had moments that I should have been thrilled, happy, and I was just the opposite. Strange I know. But now I am learning to just sit back and take me where life is leading. Now I just need to "go with it" for the next few weeks while we make the big move!

I came across this post the other night and I just thought of how perfect this was for the way I was feeling.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back into the swing of things

Attempting to get back into the swing of things. Been such a crazy busy last few months. Ready for us to have some "normal" time again. Um, forgot exactly what that was actually. Oh well, wouldn't have it any other way. :)

I came across this quote today and LOVED it so thought I would share!

"People say, when you have children, everything changes. But maybe things are awakened that were already there. "

Meryl Streep

Monday, June 21, 2010

And what happened to the last 2 months?

Wow. I don't know any other word to use. Wow. The last few weeks have been this amazing whirlwind of activity. We put our house on the market the Friday before Memorial Day. Of course we had no showings that weekend. I was thankful to be honest because we just were not quite ready yet. But Monday night we got the call we would be having our first showing. Well, we had several showings that week and by the following Tues or Wed we had an offer. I could NOT believe it. I had been praying all along that we sell the house quickly so that M and I wouldn't have to be separated for too long. I knew it would be really tough on the boys to have to stay here while M went on to NC. Just was not looking forward to that one. But in an amazingly short amount of time we sold the house. I am still in shock I think. I guess it won't be real until next week when we close and I will be homeless.

So we headed to NC last week to try and find a new house to call home. That was an interesting experience. Full of ups and downs. I think Wed afternoon was the absolute worst for me. Everything just hit within an hour. We had made an offer on a house the night before and had figured out it just wasn't going to work. They wanted more than we were willing to spend on it and so I felt like we were back at square one. It was a horrible feeling.

Then, I got the inspection report from our realtor here in IN and I misread one of the things they wanted repaired. You see, M had installed out water softener. Now I had full confidence in his abilities to do this. BUT...he casually mentioned on our way to NC that if they found anything it would be with the water softener. What? So he tells me that it may not be up to code. What? He said if they had any problems with it we would just take it with us then. What? Crap, crap, crap was all I could think. I wasn't mentally prepared for all of this so it really threw me. And I don't do well when thrown a huge curve ball like that.

Anyhoo, we still don't exactly know what they are talking about. The inspector said he was not able to find a ground for our copper piping. They told me it was the main lines and not the water softener. I of course have a call in to the builder but haven't heard back yet. Will start the bugging process if I don't hear back from them by tomorrow. This has me a wee stressed out. But trying very hard not to. Just go with it I keep telling myself. It will all work out. Look at what has so far!!!!!!! Just go with it...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh how sad!

I just looked at my poor blog and realized I only had 1 post for the entire month of May! OMG I don't think I have been away from the blog for that long since the boys came along! Been getting the house ready to go on the market and spending every possible minute working on it. is FINALLY on the market. It's been a week now. Trying to be patient but that is SO hard I have to admit. We had 4 showings this week and one of them stayed over the time they were supposed to be here. I know it will all work out and happen when it is supposed to but man it is had waiting!

The boys are getting so big! We were lucky enough to have their Papaw visit this last week. He was here on business but we were able to see him 3 days in a row! Now Cameron asks if it is a "Papaw day today" nearly every day at some point. So very, very sweet!

I also have to say the boys are 3.5 and showing it. One is a sassy little thing and the other has decided he likes to push and hit. Lovely. Tonight Cameron told M that he wasn't going to be his daddy for much longer. Oh my. I didn't think they talked like that until they were teenagers! Someone should have warned me about that one. I know it hurt M's feelings tremendously but I try to realize Cameron is 3 and I don't think he really fully understands what he is saying. He is mad and that is what he knows. So now how to teach him to be more constructive with both the anger and the words?????

Haven't downloaded pictures from my camera in weeks. Heck, I think I even went weeks without taking a single picture! So much for the Project 365 this year. I knew I should have gone with the digital version! Oh well...I think selling a house and moving qualifies for a good excuse of not doing that project this year. Can I just say selling a house is on of the most stressful things I have ever done in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I will attempt to get the pictures off my camera soon and onto my blog...where they belong once again.

Hope everyone in blogging land is doing fabulous...will have to catch up on everyone's blogs very, very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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