Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

I just found out my best friend and her daughter are at the emergency room over 1,000 miles away from me at the moment. I feel so helpless. Bringing a child to the emergency room renders any parent those feelings but because I am so far away I feel helpless as her friend. So please pray for my friend's daughter Rilee. She had an x-ray yesterday and discovered something lodged in her airway. At this point that is all that is please say a prayer for them, kay?

Well, after finding that out it makes me feel bad for being grouchy today. I am not feeling well, Noah is sick and the boys are in rare form. So I won't complain about my day now but will be thankful to have 2 wonderful boys who are going through the terrible 2's. Doesn't this face just scream "I am plotting something?"

We got over 12 inches of snow last night. I have to admit it is rather cool. I have been skiing and such with snow like this but never lived somewhere it was in my own backyard. Indy is seeming to enjoy it. Here he is playing around. He loved to eat the snow and will always have a snow beard when he looks up when you call him. Makes me giggle every time. Can you see how high the snow is on his legs? You can see the trail through the yard where he would run and leap. So very funny.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lint and the Croup

Who would have thought someone would be afraid of lint? Cameron was taking a bath the other night and he just became hysterical all of the sudden. Like we had to get him out of the bathtub and he still took a while to calm down. There were a few pieces of lint floating around in the bathtub from their feet (socks). Now this isn't the first time they have had what I call "lint toes" and I am sure it won't be the last. I just thought it happened to be an off night. But sure enough last night at their bath he saw a tiny piece of blue fuzz and started to freak out again. Luckily I was able to distract him enough for it to go away but that was just so funny to me. Who would have thought lint would cause such a stir!

Noah has the croup. Not good. That was one of those things as a child I vividly remember getting. I couldn't breathe. I would go in the middle of the night and stand by my parents bed just wheezing away until they would wake up. I remember this many times as a child. Poor little guy. I took him to the doctor today (it just started in the middle of the night) because I just didn't like the barky sound of his cough. By the time his appointment came around at 11:15 you could hear the wheezing when he was breathing. So little guy is on steroids. I have a tough enough time trying to get him to take anything anymore so the first round was not fun. He probably got less than half of it in him. Will try again in the morning. Sigh. Pray he takes the stuff because I really want my little guy to get better! Here he is laying on the couch this afternoon.

But then this evening he had to play with daddy's phone and I was lucky enough to catch this shot. Priceless in my book!

It snowed most of the afternoon. Big, fluffy white snowflakes. They are calling for several inches overnight and I can't wait to wake in the morning to see it. Maybe we will be able to build a snowman this year! Must try and find sleds for the guys some time as well. There is an awesome sledding hill not too far from us. Everyone has already told us that is where everyone goes to sled. I have never been so this will be an experience the first time we go.

Okay, I'm not feeling too hot myself so off to bed for me. I have a feeling it is going to be a long night...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

You know, being a mother (or parent for that matter) of multiples can present some unique challenges to say the least. It amazes me when I get around parents with only singletons (yes, that is what we parents of multiples call them). I have struggled back and forth with certain feelings over this topic. Friday I went and had a play date with 3 other mothers of twins who happen to all be within 2 months of my kiddos age. It was the most refreshing thing I have done in SO very long. I had forgotten about how certain challenges pop up and you just can't deal with them the same way that a parent of a single child can. I try very hard not to feel this way but in the end it's the sad reality.

It seems that each age has brought on a new set of challenges. Or maybe I should say it seems that just as we finish one set of challenges a new set arises (which I think is just normal child rearing). For instance...the new thing for the boys is "monkey see, monkey do." When you have one child this tends to only happen at school or while playing with other children, right? Well, every day, all day...they copy each other now. This presents itself the most while eating. If one decides he wants to throw his food on the floor or up in the air, the other sees this and the next thing you know he is already doing it as well. You can't even get there fast enough to catch it. If one decides he is going to throw a fit because he wants something, the other is going to join in. Now let's see...the odds are in their favor...2 against mommy or daddy. This with one child can be overwhelming and put yourself in the position of having 2 (or even more!) at once dealing with this. Oh, and don't even let me tell you about when they discover they can get together and do something they are not supposed to. Hmm...that's a whole other topic.

So I guess all this rambling is to say I am thankful to have found the multiples group here. I didn't realize how much peace of mind I get from talking with other mothers of multiples and listening to how they deal with these situations and such. Even just hearing what their troubles are is comforting to me! Strange as it may sound.

I picked up my knitting again for the first time in over 2 years. It actually felt really good. I couldn't believe I had forgotten how to do everything but it quickly came back. So this is the beginning of some baby booties.

As I was typing the title for my post over here it struck me that we are only 25 days into the year. Wow...that doesn't sound like much but man did January fly by. 365 days seems so long and in reality these days it is gone in a blink of an eye.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nap, what nap?

This is what I walked in to yesterday afternoon while the boys were supposed to be napping.

And this was their giggles and squeals of delight while doing this. You gotta love 'em!

Our internet was down yesterday. Grr. And this morning...along with our phone (we have digital phone). They fixed the problem relatively quickly but a gal has to grumble some time doesn't she? So you would think since I wasn't playing online I would have gotten tons done crafty-wise? Oh no...I was so obsessed with why my stupid computer would display some web pages and not others. And why it was so freaking SLOW! Next time...I will just take it as a sign and walk away. Just walk away. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Double Brr Chilly!

My little chatty one...

It was up to 41 degrees today! Woo-hoo! I think tomorrow we will actually get out and go walking. Yippee!!!!! I love the snow but when it is just cold, cold, cold for days on end and you can't go play in the snow it isn't much fun. I will admit it...I have cabin fever!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One more thing to check off

Well, I did it. I finally left the boys with a sitter. Well, kind of. I went to a Mother's of Multiples meeting tonight (kind of last minute decision) and took the boys with me. They have 2 teenage girls come in and keep the kiddos (which only happened to be my 2 and one other child). I actually left them with the sitters. Now I know, I know, I was in the next room but it's a start isn't it?

So I need to get this book about the bucket list. I really need to find that soon. I think it is such a cool idea and want to make one myself. I think it would be fun to check things off it over the years and not have just my regular to-do type lists. Hmm...if I had a bucket list I think today would have been a day I could have checked something off. That means it was a good day. :)

I am really glad I went to this meeting tonight. I needed this. I have really missed having other mother's that have multiples to talk to. Sometimes only a mother in your situation (or who has been then) is the only one who "gets it." Having twins is such a blessing to us but it does bring some challenges I was so not ready for. So having other mothers to share this with and find out how they handled the situations is such a blessing. So I am looking forward to getting to know people in the new group and getting active. I just need to be careful not to jump in too fast...I have a tendency to do that you know. I just give it my all and then often end up disappointed. I am trying very hard to take it slow and enjoy it. So there is no disappointment...just happy times.

Have a great night everyone!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More kiddo stuff

Cameron and Noah are becoming aware of each other so much more these days. They are discovering they can actually play together and have fun. And of course they are boys so they rough house. They love to play chase and Noah just loves to grab on to Cameron's shirt and have him pull him all over the place. Cameron on the other hand isn't so thrilled after a few minutes of this. Need some ideas on how to get Noah to understand it is okay to play the chase part but not pulling on Cameron's clothes, etc. Hmm....

And this is Cameron playing with "Frog" and "Duck." These are actually bath mitts that they have both taken to carrying around on their hands and playing with throughout the day. He was just having a ball at dinner talking away with them. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Warms a mommies heart

The boys have really started interacting with each other so much more this last week. Today they decided to give each other a kiss...I only caught the very end of the fun but it was the cutest thing ever!

So I posted twice in one day...couldn't help myself...they are just so stinking cute and had to share.

Am I the only one????

I think I am one of the few people in the world who actually like Mondays. It's strange. I didn't used to. I used to dread them. But that was my other life. I now look forward to them. They are usually my most productive day of the week. Maybe I use all my energy on Mondays and that is why the rest of the week isn't so productive. :) He, he. But seriously. I have truly come to love Mondays.

Take today for instance. I have had this entire wardrobe now for almost 3 years...since I found out I was preggo. I held onto it all in hopes I would lose weight and be able to fit back into it. Yea, right...what planet am I on???? Every time I come across something from that life I realize even if I could fit into it I more than likely would not be wearing it anyway. I am chasing kids around all day, a silk blouse is not fun to get dinner spilled on or have a kiddo drool on with their sweet drooly kisses. But hey, I'll take the drooly kisses over the silk bouse any day! So I guess what I am trying to say is today I finally decided it was time to let go. Let go of that life and enbrace this one. I will wear my "comfy pants" and warm shirts and be happy with it. I do want to look presentable, don't get me wrong. But I digress. So today happens to be Monday and I just happen to decide it was time to tackle those 4-5 huge boxes sitting there with all my old wardrobe. They will all be out of here by the end of the week! I am determined! You can hold me to it. Please, hold me to it...I do so much better that way...being accountable. :)

I just have to say I LOVE when I go in to get the kiddos up from their nap (well at least about 99% if the time). Today I opened the door to Cameron grinning the biggest smile ever and his hair standing straight up. And of course my first thought was I so needed my camera! Oh well...didn't want to run after the camera and miss such a sweet face and being able to kiss on him. He was just so incredibly sweet today when he woke up.

I got a lot done today house wise but not much scrapping or creative type stuff. Sigh. I need to get 2 projects done in the next few days desperately. Maybe after the boys go down tonight I can work on something. Hmm...

I'll leave you with a picture of Cameron enjoying his ketchup..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

And another one's gone, another one's gone...

Another one bites the dust. Anyone remember that song? That was my weekend...gone, bit the dust. It went way too fast as usual. But it was a nice one so it's not really complaining...just sad to see it go so quickly. Sniff, sniff.

Cameron is starting to really talk. He is starting to really say sentences and know what he is saying. It is so amazing to me the change each and every day. Noah is finally starting to talk more and put words together. I am breathing a slight sigh of relief but inside I still worry. Don't we all as mothers worry? They really need to come with their own manuals...each and every one of them!

I am so, so very thankful both of my boys love to read. And they have a daddy who is willing to read to them at any time. I love to see pictures like this. Cameron was playing peek-a-boo with the bunny in the book. Just melts my heart when I see these moments. And so very happy I happened to have my camera handy. :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just an ordinary day...

I just loved this picture of Noah. I had posted it the other day on my Project 365 blog but I just loved it so much I had to post here as well. I am so in love with that sweet little face framed in red and white.

And Cameron, his laugh is so infectious. I must figure out how to post a video on here. He has learned to yodel. It's the cutest thing. You ask him to yodel and he does. So, so stinking cute.

When the guy came by today to look at a few things here at the house Cameron was Mr. Personality as usual and had to show him all his cars and then started pulling letters off the fridge and showing him. To my amazement...every one of them he pulled off he could say what they were. When this all first started happening I thought I was just being a proud mommy but he is actually learning his alphabet. I think that is pretty good for a little guy that just turned 2 years old! The other day we were saying the alphabet, I would say a letter and he would repeat it. Then on 3 different letters I would say the letter and he would say the one that came right after it. I was so proud of my little guy! And here I was worried they were going to be way behind all the other kiddos when they start school since they do not attend preschool and stuff. Ahh...makes a mommy proud!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So this is what negative numbers feels like

It was a COLD day today. I had to go out and get the mail just so I could experience negative digits. It was COLD! After dinner when I went to close the blinds in our room I snapped a shot of the temperature thingy we have in our room. It was registering -6 outside. Brrrrrrr! So needless to say I am very thankful tonight that we have a warm roof over our heads.
I think the boys and I (and even daddy too) are experiencing some cabin fever. After tomorrow it should hopefully warm up at least into the 20s again I think. Schools have already been closed for tomorrow since it is supposed to be even colder tonight. Brr...good night to be inside with a cup of hot chocolate and a nice fire!

So the guys have started pretending they are asleep. It is so funny. All of the sudden they will get really quiet and then start pretend snoring. It is the funniest thing to watch. I tried to catch a picture of it tonight but missed it. They see me coming with the camera now and it's all over whatever they may be doing.

Cleaned up my scrapping area a little today. Still have so much to do to get it where it is a really good usable space. But will get there. I seriously need to do some rearranging of our entire basement. Already. We have only been in this house like 6 months and I am already ready to start rearranging rooms! Oh well...never will be at a loss for things to work on around here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh the weather outside...

I have to admit...I am loving the snow! It could snow for the next few days and I would be a happy little camper. Maybe this will change over time but it has been really cool to just look out the window and see this...

We got to go out and play in the snow this afternoon! It was the boys first time ever to play in snow. They didn't want to come back inside (as usual when we go outside to play). Didn't matter how cold it was, they were bundled up and warm so they were happy. Noah cried before we went out, had a ball outside and cried because we came back in. No making him happy, eh?

But then once we got outside he had a ball after a few minutes and all was well with the world. See my little guys playing...

I have been bit by the crafty bug again. I am quite happy about this. I have been in a slump for a while now and it was good to create again. Now I just want to spend the whole day playing and forget the world going by. And it does go by quickly! Must get out soon to find those binder things to finish my last 2 projects I have going. That or I can just start something new for the time being and come back to that when the weather gets better and I can get out a little more. Hmm...what to do...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Brrr...chilly as Cameron would say. It is supposed to be -7 degrees on Thursday with a high of 2 degrees! Umm...can you say cold?!?!?!?!?!?

I was so bummed. I got my whole project together, punched the holes and got ready to bind it and...didn't have the right size rings to bind it! Ugh. I thought I had bought them a while back but I was sadly mistaken. Sigh. Guess I will have to wait until later this week to be able to go and get them. Grrr...and I was so excited about finishing up a project too! But I did do these and take some pictures I haven't posted yet so at least it is something crafty.

And yes, they were from Christmas. I had baked a bunch of stuff for the kiddos teachers and when their class was canceled just before Christmas had to find another option. So this was it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Naps, bread and fun stuff

And so it begins...the process of dropping the nap. I believe my little ones are starting the process of dropping their nap. The last few weeks they have went from a 2-3 hour nap a day to 1.5-2 hours...if I am lucky. I am praying it is just winter and we are not as active as usual but I have a feeling it is the beginning of the dreaded dropping of the nap. As with everything when it comes to kiddos, this will more than likely take several months to happen...which I am thankful for. We are just back to the "you never know how long they will nap" stage. But that's okay, keeps me on my toes and it was time for a new schedule anyway. :)

I made bread today. Whole wheat bread even. My in-laws gave us their bread machine they no longer use (thank you!) and I have just not taken the time (until today) to figure out how to use it. I had bought everything a few weeks ago and was ready to go. Just wasn't sure how long I needed to throw everything in, etc and kept putting it off. We were almost out of bread today so I thought what the heck, I have everything, let's give it a go. It was a huge hit! Noah ate about a slice and a half and they are big slices.

He liked it so much he wiped it all over his face. I guess since it was so soft and fluffy he thought it felt funny on his face. Cameron didn't care for the crust so he ate the inside and left the crust.

Cameron decided he wanted to eat ketchup for dinner. So funny how much that kid loves ketchup...and we don't even have it all that often!

I signed up for a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking this month and am so happy I did. So far I am really enjoying it. It's called A Life Well Crafted. I have been so happy with the other classes (some of them free even!) I have taken there so have signed up for the month by month version of this one. I just did January to "test it out" but I think I will do the entire year after what I have experienced so far. Very happy with the content and the projects. Always a good thing! I guess after having kids and spending 8 months moving I needed to do something to find myself again. Hopefully this is a step in that direction.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Funny for today...

I thought this was pretty funny when I read it today. :)

If you love something set it free. If it comes back it will be yours. If it doesn't come back, it was never yours to begin with.


If it sits in your lounge room, messes up your stuff, eats your food, uses your telephone and internet, takes your money and doesn't realize you set it free... You either married it or gave birth to it!
- Anon.

We went to church this morning, which was nice. We haven't gone in a while because Noah just wasn't adjusting well to being left in the nursery. After such a positive experience the last 2 times he went to PDO I thought we would give it another shot. Ya know what???? Neither of them wanted to leave! It was such a good feeling knowing they were having such a good time and happy there that they wanted to stay and play. Big sigh of relief finally!

And this is one of the projects I am going to try and finish up this week. I am terrible at sending birthday cards and such to people. I used to be good at it at one point in my life but not any longer. So I am making these little perpetual type calendars that I am going to keep as birthday calendars in my craft area. Hopefully that will help me remember important dates (did I mention both my husband and I forgot our own anniversary this year?). ;) I made the template and will more than likely give it away here on the good old blog soon. Just have to put some finishing touches and find a font I want to use that is okay to give away. Feels good to be creating again!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My little guys got their haircut today. I think it is time for regular haircuts. Sigh. They are getting so big!

Noah acted like a frog tonight. They can tell you what all the animals say but tonight for the first time he hopped around like a frog saying "ribbit." Very cute and Cameron half heatedly did it too. He just wasn't as into the frogs as Noah was. :)

Michelle made a comment about how do I organize all my photos (yes, I literally take hundreds every week usually). I love ACDSee. I can't say enough good things about this program. Before I had tried to use my Photoshop Organizer and my computer was getting so bogged down. Not to mention how long that thing took to load. I was frustrated and getting disheartened. I had read a lot about others using ACDSee and decided to try it out for myself. I am SO very thankful I did. Not only do I use it for all my photos but I use it for my digital scrapping things as well. You can tag items multiple ways and at the click of a button have everything in a particular category at your fingertips within seconds. And the thing I love the very most about it is this program runs on top of your file system instead of actually recreating the files in the program. In other words this takes up less space on my computer and doesn't bog the thing down! Always a good thing in my book!!!!!

I got one of the stability balls last night. I have no idea where my old one has gone to and haven't seen it in years to be honest. I had deflated it and more than likely got rid of it at some point. So after Cameron was sitting on the beach ball the other day I thought how I should get one of these to sit at my desk instead of my chair. My chair makes my back hurt anyway, at least this way I can start strengthening my back instead. Woo-hoo...been sitting on it today and really like it. I even did a short workout on it too! So maybe this was a better purchase than I thought. I have always liked working out with the stability ball.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just rambling...

I can't believe the first week of January is behind us already. It just was gone and I can hardly even remember it happening. Can you make it slow down just a little, okay?

We had class this morning and did nothing real special the rest of the day. I worked on printing out things for 3 different projects I am wanting to make. Kind of excited to be working in the hybrid world (digital and paper scrapping together in the same project). I am loving pulling out all my old things and even going to the scrapbook store again. I went this past weekend and picked up a "naked" album. They are actually very cool and I wish they had come out with these a long time ago. It is basically chipboard that you can decorate yourself with paper or whatever may strike you at the time. So much easier than trying to recover one or add to one that is already decorated in my opinion. I have already made one. I need to post pictures, now don't I? I was going to give them as Christmas gifts but just never got the chance to finish them all. So maybe I will get around to posting some pictures soon. It was a pretty cool project.
I only took like five pictures today. Sad. I always take a ton of pictures but today just had my mind on other things I guess. But I did take this one of Noah I thought was cute. They love to play with those inflatable beach balls. Cameron has taken to sitting on it and balancing. He used to do that on his stomach but now he actually sits on it at his little table. Oh child, keep it that the rest of your life and you will stay healthy and strong!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bad influence that I am...

I think I corrupted my child. He now comes and asks for the "sock puppets" when I am at the computer. Refer to this post to see why. He thinks they are so funny and will watch it over and over again. I am such a bad influence on my children!

If you ask Noah if he is a "cutie pie" he grins and says "uh, huh" and Cameron says "yes." Too funny. They are both finally starting to really talk. It is so awesome to actually hear Noah speaking. For a few months there I was worried and trying to deny it. I am so very thankful we found out what was wrong and it was so easily fixed. Just amazes me every day.

Since the boys were not able to go to PDO the week before Christmas (snow day, which was really ice), this is what I got for Christmas from them. It melted my little heart today. Their little hand prints turned into snowmen. Isn't this the most adorable thing in the world????? Okay, so yes, I am a first time mom but I just love it!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Comfy pants

It is so funny to hear Cameron say "comfy pants." They have these little sweatpants and when I have them wear them I usually refer to them as "comfy pants." Well, he has started calling them that as well. It's just so stinkin' cute. He tells me several times a day he has his "comfy pants" and points to them. I guess that means he likes them. And here they are sporting their "comfy pants."

Because they wore them yesterday all day today Cameron kept asking for his "comfy pants." I felt so bad, guess I am going to have to buy some more of those. :)

I will never cook bacon on the stove again. For the first time in my 36 years I made bacon in the oven and can I just say I wish I had found this SO much sooner. I love bacon. Let's face it, who doesn't love bacon. I had been at one of those cooking shows and the gal doing the demo mentioned putting bacon in the oven. At first I thought there is no way it will come out as good. I was wrong, dead wrong. It is just the same but without all the mess! Needless to say I will be making bacon and eggs more often for the family now. So why did it take me so long to discover this wonderful find???????

Monday, January 5, 2009

Shopping and the house

We went and did a little shopping this morning. For anyone who knows my kiddos well, they know their feet grew like little crazy people the first 2 years of their life. I was buying shoes every month to month and a half. It was nuts. I got to go last October and buy them a pair of shoes and guess what...they are still able to wear them! You will not believe how tickled pink I am over this. Buying shoes at basically $100 a pop (since we have to get 2 pair) is not a fun expense to have so often. But today I knew I had to get them some tennis shoes and Stride Rite is having a great sale. Woo-hoo! I still spent way more than I meant to but I was able to get both of them 2 pair of shoes, socks and they had to have this wooden train (I am such a sucker...they are so good when we go shopping most of the time I do indulge them when they are super good). Of course it was all on sale and I knew I wouldn't be back in a month so I was okay with it. And they loved wearing their new tennis shoes home so it made them happy. Which in turn makes me happy. :)

The next time I have to get Cameron shoes though he will no longer be in toddler size! I can't believe he is 2 and I am going to be buying him big boy shoes in a few months. Wow. Makes me stop and realize how fast they are growing up. So not ready for that!

And yes, you can tell me I don't need to be buying them Stride Rite shoes all you want. But when you have a child with xtra wide feet you will understand this is basically the only place you can get them shoes. It bites, but a parent does what they have to do. And you want to know the part that sucks even more? To have 2 children that you can't even let wear the others shoes when they are finished because one wears wide and the other xtra wide. How is that for fun? ;)

And this was Cameron putting on his own hat this morning while we were leaving. He looks like a little admiral to me. He put it on sideways...very funny.

I have been working very hard the last few weeks to come up with a good system of cleaning my house and a plan for 2009 to get it organized. I still have a little ways to go (need to type up all the spreadsheets and things I came up with) but I am finally so close to finishing! I also came across this really cool post on Declutter it! and I actually feel like I am on the right track finally. Before November of last year (man that sounds strange to say) I always felt like I was just spinning my wheels. I told M I was going to focus on just getting the day-to-day cleaning down and then over 2009 work on organizing and cleaning out each room. After reading her post I felt like I was on the right track. Woo-hoo! I really think this will happen for this year. I am so excited. Anyone that knows me well knows I spent the majority of 2008 either cleaning out, packing, organizing, moving, and unpacking. I actually got to the point where if I didn't see another clean room I could have cared less. I was so tired of spending every minute I had that I wasn't taking care of my kids cleaning out or staging my house. And then after we put it on the market I had to then keep it spotless for the crazy people that would call and want to see the house in 15 minutes. It was crazy. So now I am back among a normal like (whatever that is) and ready to tackle my house. Let the games begin!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What weekend?

We had the neighbors over last night to watch the football game. Sadly, we lost but hey, we all had fun I think. M and I realized we really haven't entertained since before the kiddos came. We had friends over here or there but no dinners and such like we used to do. It felt kind of nice getting ready for it all and then having everyone come over. The boys were so exhausted from us going to the Children's Museum that morning they went to bed early! Which was actually a blessing because M and I got to enjoy some time with friends instead of chasing kiddos around for a change. Ah...being an adult again.

And speaking of the boys, I really need to start figuring out some new things to feed my kiddos for lunch. I always feel like I feed them the same old things. And they don't eat peanut butter and jelly or any kind of sandwich other than grilled cheese at this point. Any ideas for me to try? I need something kind of quick for the most part or that I can prepare the night before, etc.

I have been keeping up so far with the Picture a Day Project (Project 365 to some). You can check it out here... A Day with Twins - Project 365. I am having fun and I always took a lot of pictures anyway but this is making me stop and think about our day more as I look back through the photos from the day. It is also helping me to download my photos more and really tag them, etc instead of just letting them all pile up. I know I take way too many pictures but I am really trying to delete some that I know will never be printed or used in any way (like the blurry shots I just can't seem to part with). It's all a work in progress though... So I'll leave you with my favorite shot for the weekend. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

You gotta watch this one...

This is so freaking funny to me. Maybe it's the singer coming out in me or something...who knows but it's funny. :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My new motto

Leap and the net will appear.

That is my new motto for 2009. I am not a big New Year's Resolution person. I don't like making them. They stress me out. I feel like they have to have meaning and be these huge things. I would rather set realistic goals for myself and work on them little by little. I am a baby step person in the biggest sense of the word. :)

But I heard this sentence today and it just struck me as this is my motto for 2009. I am sure many a person has used this before. I have heard it before but for some reason it struck me today in a different way. I guess in retrospect I guess I really used it in 2008. Our move and all we went through with that was truly a leap of faith.

I will never forget writing an email to our realtor and saying that I had faith our house would sell at the right time, we would go on our house hunting trip and then when we got back we would make some decisions on lowering price, etc. We were moving regardless of if the house sold so this was a very tough thing for me to just leave in His hands. But I knew I had to. The day we came back from our trip the people who eventually bought our house came to look at it. The funniest part of it is that we had requested they not come. We had been flying half the day, the boys had just gotten in their jammies and the house had luggage everywhere. It was crazy. They came anyway. I was never so thankful for a realtor being stubborn! It was all meant to be.

I have always been a person with a strong faith. But each passing year teaches me more and more about trusting in Him and getting out of the way. This last year has probably taught me the most about that. So for 2009 my motto is "Leap and the net will appear."

Happy New Year to you all and may you have a wonderful year!


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