Monday, January 19, 2009

Am I the only one????

I think I am one of the few people in the world who actually like Mondays. It's strange. I didn't used to. I used to dread them. But that was my other life. I now look forward to them. They are usually my most productive day of the week. Maybe I use all my energy on Mondays and that is why the rest of the week isn't so productive. :) He, he. But seriously. I have truly come to love Mondays.

Take today for instance. I have had this entire wardrobe now for almost 3 years...since I found out I was preggo. I held onto it all in hopes I would lose weight and be able to fit back into it. Yea, right...what planet am I on???? Every time I come across something from that life I realize even if I could fit into it I more than likely would not be wearing it anyway. I am chasing kids around all day, a silk blouse is not fun to get dinner spilled on or have a kiddo drool on with their sweet drooly kisses. But hey, I'll take the drooly kisses over the silk bouse any day! So I guess what I am trying to say is today I finally decided it was time to let go. Let go of that life and enbrace this one. I will wear my "comfy pants" and warm shirts and be happy with it. I do want to look presentable, don't get me wrong. But I digress. So today happens to be Monday and I just happen to decide it was time to tackle those 4-5 huge boxes sitting there with all my old wardrobe. They will all be out of here by the end of the week! I am determined! You can hold me to it. Please, hold me to it...I do so much better that way...being accountable. :)

I just have to say I LOVE when I go in to get the kiddos up from their nap (well at least about 99% if the time). Today I opened the door to Cameron grinning the biggest smile ever and his hair standing straight up. And of course my first thought was I so needed my camera! Oh well...didn't want to run after the camera and miss such a sweet face and being able to kiss on him. He was just so incredibly sweet today when he woke up.

I got a lot done today house wise but not much scrapping or creative type stuff. Sigh. I need to get 2 projects done in the next few days desperately. Maybe after the boys go down tonight I can work on something. Hmm...

I'll leave you with a picture of Cameron enjoying his ketchup..


Margaret said...

I don't mind Mondays, but Sunday evenings usually get me down.

Jill Scott said...

Hmmm, Cameron needs that shirt that says "I like ketchup with my ketchup." I know what you mean about Mondays. It's my favorite and most productive day too. It's also the day I "reclaim the house" when Peanut Head and the girls head off to work and school.

mommyjill said...

My son LOVES Mondays I think...... he spells it all the time and is always running around saying Monday- maybe I should ship him to you on Mondays :)
Good for you cleaning out the closet- I did that after I moved for the 20th time in 3 years and got rid of everything that I had not worn in a year- donated it all to Good Will- sigh- if I ever DO get back to a size 6 I will be SO excited I will go shopping for more clothes anyway right?!?!?


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