Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Comfy pants

It is so funny to hear Cameron say "comfy pants." They have these little sweatpants and when I have them wear them I usually refer to them as "comfy pants." Well, he has started calling them that as well. It's just so stinkin' cute. He tells me several times a day he has his "comfy pants" and points to them. I guess that means he likes them. And here they are sporting their "comfy pants."

Because they wore them yesterday all day today Cameron kept asking for his "comfy pants." I felt so bad, guess I am going to have to buy some more of those. :)

I will never cook bacon on the stove again. For the first time in my 36 years I made bacon in the oven and can I just say I wish I had found this SO much sooner. I love bacon. Let's face it, who doesn't love bacon. I had been at one of those cooking shows and the gal doing the demo mentioned putting bacon in the oven. At first I thought there is no way it will come out as good. I was wrong, dead wrong. It is just the same but without all the mess! Needless to say I will be making bacon and eggs more often for the family now. So why did it take me so long to discover this wonderful find???????


Margaret said...

They are adorable in their "comfy pants." I hadn't heard of cooking bacon in the oven either, and love it. Do you use a broiler pan?

Jill Scott said...

It makes me want to put on my comfy pants. I've done bacon in the oven and loved it for awhile, but it still splatters so I decided I would rather clean the stove top standing up than the oven hunched over and reaching. Not fun.

Courtney said...

Thanks for your comment...things that make you go Hmmmm, indeed!

My boys always wear their "comfy pants" when they nap...we call them their "sleepy pants"! ha! They usually end up wearing them the rest of the evening after naps. My hubby always claimed they took longer naps if they were wearing their sleepy pants. :)

And I just tried that pre-cooked bacon that you just zap in the microwave for a minute to crisp it up over the summer when I made BLT's...no mess whatsoever, and it tastes great! Highly recommend... :)

Courtney and the boys


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