Sunday, January 4, 2009

What weekend?

We had the neighbors over last night to watch the football game. Sadly, we lost but hey, we all had fun I think. M and I realized we really haven't entertained since before the kiddos came. We had friends over here or there but no dinners and such like we used to do. It felt kind of nice getting ready for it all and then having everyone come over. The boys were so exhausted from us going to the Children's Museum that morning they went to bed early! Which was actually a blessing because M and I got to enjoy some time with friends instead of chasing kiddos around for a change. Ah...being an adult again.

And speaking of the boys, I really need to start figuring out some new things to feed my kiddos for lunch. I always feel like I feed them the same old things. And they don't eat peanut butter and jelly or any kind of sandwich other than grilled cheese at this point. Any ideas for me to try? I need something kind of quick for the most part or that I can prepare the night before, etc.

I have been keeping up so far with the Picture a Day Project (Project 365 to some). You can check it out here... A Day with Twins - Project 365. I am having fun and I always took a lot of pictures anyway but this is making me stop and think about our day more as I look back through the photos from the day. It is also helping me to download my photos more and really tag them, etc instead of just letting them all pile up. I know I take way too many pictures but I am really trying to delete some that I know will never be printed or used in any way (like the blurry shots I just can't seem to part with). It's all a work in progress though... So I'll leave you with my favorite shot for the weekend. :)


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