Saturday, August 30, 2008


Credits: Kit is Seth by Michelle Herron, Stitches from Cool Like That by Colie's Corner, Word Art is from Layer Titles - Childhood by Robin Carlton, Font: Minya Nouville
So the boys love trucks. Well, now they love trains and trucks but the trains are a recent discovery. Not too many photos with those just yet. They will carry some kind of car, truck or train in each hand nearly all day long. It is the funniest thing to me and I love that they have so much fun with them. Who would have thought they would get so much use!


My kiddos are full of it (curiosity that is). They check out anything and everything possible. They LOVE to be outside and sometimes don't want to come back in. I am kind of digging this stage with them. It's fun to see the world through their eyes at times. Makes some of the spark come back we lose as adults.

I have been looking up plants and stuff to put in our bare backyard. In some ways it is fun but I have no green thumb. It is trial and error...usually error. :) But I actually enjoy this strangely enough. Having moved to a new area where all the plants are foreign to me is kind of exciting. It's neat to drive around and see plants and trees that I have never seen before. I am looking forward to spring when I can really start to learn more. By then the boys will also be a little more independent so I thinking they will want to "help" in the yard. I am really looking forward to this time with them.

The newest thing the boys are into now are trains. We played with some at the Children's Museum and I couldn't get them away from the train table. Funny to me because the first time we went they could have cared less. My neighbor was having a garage sale and I scored a train table for them! Woo-hoo! Need to take some pictures and share.

I worked on a 2-page layout while they were napping today. Trying to get at least 5 pages done this weekend. I am so very behind on my scrapping and figure if I can get the momentum going again I can get back my groove. :) Just have to finish up the journaling on the pages and will share either later tonight or some time over the long weekend...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Playing with photos

I don't usually spend a lot of time touching up my photos. I know I should...I just am not sure how well I do with it. I am such a procrastinator when I am not sure if I will be good at something. So, I decided to play around with some photos I took the other day. This is the first one I came up with. I was shocked at the difference. And then I ask myself why I haven't been doing this all along? For a really long time now I have wanted to take some basic photography classes. I just want to learn how to work my camera and how to "frame" a shot. I am determined to get into a class in the next week or two and am looking up some online ones. So if anyone has a good one to recommend please let me know. :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's all good

The other day the boys were helping me in the laundry room. They decided they wanted to carry the laundry detergent around the house. Noah got attached to the All. I laughed of course.
Then later they decided they wanted to wear my shoes so each took one and put them on. They just crack me up half the time!
When I woke up that morning and ran down to get their breakfast stuff out this was the beautiful sunrise that was going on. I just had to stop and take some pictures. It was just beautiful to me. I finally have a little area in the house all to myself. Been oh so long (a few years now) and it feels oh so good. So hopefully now I can actually get some stuff accomplished again. Woo-hoo! Still trying to find a place for everything but it is at least a beginning and I can sit and work on a few things while I finish the unpacking. Ah...feels so nice!

I am determined to start getting to know the area we live in. So far everything I do is in the city near us and not in the little town we live in. With that being said...I drove to find a nursery because I wanted to find some trees for our yard. I had been told this one location had a lady that could help me determine what trees would be best for my yard, etc. So I take the boys this afternoon and head out. It was in the middle of corn fields! I just was shocked. No other businesses near the place. I have to get used to the fact I live in a very small town now. This is kind of shocking to me. I love the area we picked but just have to get used to a different kind of lifestyle. I am going to be doing a lot more ordering by mail and such I am sure. :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I walked off and forgot it...

Okay, there are some things I guess I would be considered anal about. The reason is if I don't do it that way then I would forget. Great example. We went to the splash park yesterday morning and I took out my camera and tried to take some pictures and it wouldn't work. I look on the thing and it is telling me there is no memory card. Ugh! So I missed some great pictures of the boys playing in the water and eating more popsicles. Sigh. I normally download the photos and put the card back in immediately or at least take it out and put it on top of my computer so I will remember. Didn't happen the day before. So I will go back to being my anal, routine self now. :)

Unpacking is still coming along. So many things are going through my head these days I can't seem to sleep. One would think I would just get up and do something productive. No, not at 3 am. I just toss and turn and go in and out of sleep to wake up the next morning and not want to get out of bed. Hope this stops soon...this always seems to happen when I have too many things on my mind and not enough hours in my day to get it all done. Twice in one week is enough for sleepy me!

Determined to get another page done tonight. I played around making some word art last night. I think I am going to find some cool sayings and post some freebies soon. I love word art. Quotes make it so easy to bring a page together for me for some reason.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Popsicle anyone?

I had to laugh. We went and picked a bunch of popsicles for a playdate we are having this weekend. The boys don't usually like sweet stuff very often (or at least haven't yet). I came home and sat them in their little chairs and thought hey, let's give it a try. :) They loved them! Probably helps they are made with fruit juice but hey, not going to complain when it is hot and these are fun. The down side...they color their little faces and hands (and anything else they touch). I still think they are cute as can be and melt my little heart every time they do something new.
We went to the Children's Museum this morning and when we left I asked the guys if they had fun and Cameron said "uh-huh." So now when we do something fun and are finished I ask if he had fun and he says "uh-huh." How funny! I love that they do something new every day at this age. Always keeps me on my toes. :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday already?

I scrapped a page yesterday! Woo-hoo! I didn't blog but I scrapped. So I am happy. I loved the colors in this kit. So bright and vibrant...kind of like my little guy. :) The boys LOVE to play outside. Half the time they don't want to come in. Wait...all the time...there is no half about it.

Credits: Seth by Michelle Herron, green ricrac is from the July Artistan Guild kit and Font is CK Ali's Hand (love this by the way!)

I am amazed at how many new and very talented designers have come on board at My Scrap Shop just in the last month. It's really cool to see all the new faces and telent. Plus it has been seeing all the new kits and actions. I am so addicted to actions...and brushes, and word art, and...wait, I could go on forever. And MSS is having a CT call! You need to go and check it out and apply. It is so laid back and fun. And you get to work with all the great designers there. :)

KB - thanks for stopping by! Oh my...I remember the 8 month old phase. It gets easier with each passing month. Once they reach a year old life gets so much better. :) But I wouldn't trade being a twin mom for anything...I love my little guys to pieces!

Margaret and Mel - thanks! I am so glad to know my little guys aren't behind. Kind of scares me that I am not doing what I need to when I think they are.

Michelle - they surprisingly talk to me more than to each other I think. They are so different from each other they just kind of do their own things. They tend to go back and forth. Just depends on the week I guess.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I skipped a day in there

Wow...I somehow missed Monday. I blinked or something and it is Tuesday...and night at that! I seriously thought it was Monday this evening. But if it was Monday then I would be at The Old Spaghetti Factory with some girls having fun. Maybe that is why I skipped a day or something. I went and met 4 other girls last night for dinner and had such a great time. It was nice to just get out and talk to other adults for a change! Even though more than half the time we talk about our kiddos it was still adult conversation. :)

I am still not over whatever this is I had last week. I thought I was but then yesterday and today let me know no go. I am determined to shake it!

The boys are starting to talk so much more. I am glad...was getting a little nervous. I know they say both boys and twins talk later usually but man...they are 19 months and although they each had a good amount of words they just weren't using them as often as I would like to hear. Now they are repeating just about anything and surprising me when they name something new out of the blue. They are also starting to do the 2-word things too. Very cute.

I spent some much needed time organizing some of my digi stuff that had been waiting for what seemed ages to be done. I am finding it hard to scrap when I have "stuff" to organize and sort. Why is this I wonder? I have actually discovered a few OCD things lately about myself. He, he. Nah, I am not that bad but sometimes I feel like I am.

Oh! I discovered a web site for my old high school alumni the other day. Actually a friend of mine sent the info to me but can I say addicting?!?!!??!?! It was fun to spend the evening looking up people and seeing what they look like now and what they are up to. I just have had to make myself not go back much because I can spend all night on the thing. :) But it has brought a few people back into my life I had wondered what happened to them. Kinda cool.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

They are growing way too fast!

So they boys are starting to eat with utensils and on plates. I find this most amusing most days. They reach a point where they get tired of it taking so long and just end up eating with their hands again. I laugh each time. They just crack me up half the day. I did finally remember what Noah did the other day that made me laugh. He has resorted to walking on his hands and feet. Not crawling mind you, but putting his hands on the ground and walking half bent over. It is so funny to watch up go up and down the hall like this just grinning from ear to ear. He finds it most do I. :)

Going to be a busy week. Determined to make up for being sick last week in both unpacking and scrapping. I have so many photos to download and organize and so much scrapping stuff I need to sort through and organize on my EHD. Have to start getting ready for my trip in October!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My guys continue to make me laugh all the time. I shouldn't have laughed at Cameron but they were both running back and forth from the living room to the kitchen and I just knew they were going to run into each other. They had a few near missed but Cameron had stopped to check out the dog near the baby gate and then smacked right into the cabinet when he turned around to run again. I know, bad mommy. He didn't get hurt, just his pride. He looked at me, cried for 2 seconds and started running and laughing again. I guess that is more what made me laugh.

And Noah. Sweet, adorable Noah. He is such a character sometimes. He knows how to work the system already. And oh my if he does not get his own way. Hmm...wonder where he gets that from. He did something new today (well, guess I should say yesterday) and for the life of me I can't recall what it was. Too tired I guess and should get myself into bed.

But before I go...Zan made this really cool kit for all of you out there. She is one talented gal! And busy too. I am amazed she has four little ones and home impressive to me. So go and check it out HERE today only.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Busy, busy...

I can't get over how big the boys are getting. I was feeding them lunch today and Cameron hasn't been wanting to eat his lunch lately. I will put something on his tray and he will hand it back to me. I try this a few times until finally I just find him something else. So today I tried to give him a bite and he didn't want anything to do with it. He kept reaching but I couldn't figure out what in the world he wanted. I finally had the light bulb go off. He wanted it on a plate of his own. So I go and get the boys plates and put the same food on it and he gobbles it up. Strange. I laughed. Maybe he will go back to eating chicken again. He has been on an anti-chicken strike for a couple weeks now. Always makes me laugh when they won't eat things they did the day before. Strong willed little individuals that they are. :)

Still finding my way from out underneath the boxes. But we are getting there. I have actually been trying to shake some kind of bug or something these last few weeks. This weekend/beginning of the week hit me pretty hard though. I could hardly keep my eyes open. Reminded me of when I got mono a few years back. Hmm... But feeling worlds better today so I am determined to get some more unpacking done. :)

Can I just say I LOVE the weather here? It is in the 70s and low 80s right now and I am wanting to do nothing but stay outside and play. Really wish the backyard had grass about now! It is coming along. M went and got some grass seed and re-seeded the thing and had been faithfully watering it this week. There is some green fuzz all over. Woo-hoo! I need to go and take some pictures of it...haven't done much of that lately. Getting back on track though...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!

So the blog party continues and I finally got my quick pages done. Guess I have been monkeying around. Ha, ha. I plan on doing a little more tomorrow or Saturday so come back and see what else I was able to cook up for Monkey Beach Party. :)
You can pick up these great little quick pages here (boy) and here (girl).
**As of 8:58 am this morning (8/8) the boy link has been fixed. Sorry about that!

Oh my gosh! We went to the Children's Museum here today and I have to tell you it is out of this world! There are five floors of stuff for kids of all ages. They even have half a floor for kiddos under five! The boys had a blast and came home and took a three hour nap! We will be going again...we picked up a yearly membership...well worth every penny!!!!! Now I just have to find my card reader because I brought the point and shoot camera and my computer doesn't have the proper card reader for it. Hmm...still can't figure out which box that thing went into!

It's a blog party!

Okay, so I am a bad, bad blogger this week but I have a great blog party for you to check out! Here are the gals who are giving away this fabulous kit...Monkey Beach Party. It all started out because one of the gals wanted to make some cute invites and stuff for her daughter's upcoming birthday party. Her daughter had picked out this super cute monkey theme and voila...Monkey Beach Party was born. Enjoy!

Mel -

Kimberly's Mommy-


Nicole -


I think I have finally figured out why Noah keeps waking up in the middle of the night screaming and won't go back to sleep. We have been back on his meds for acid reflux for almost a week now and he has only woke up for a few minutes a few different nights now. And I just went in a rubbed his back and he went back to sleep. I pray this is what was wrong!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's been a week

Wow. I can't believe we have been in the new place for a week now. It has flown by. It feels like a Saturday to me. The boys have been adjusting well for the most part. They are off their normal schedule and just out of whack. Hopefully with Mike starting back to work, the house being a little more unpacked and us getting things back to "normal" they will come around. They have decided they want to get up at 6:30 am and only take an hour and a half nap and then stay up until 8:00 pm. Does not make for happy boys...or happy mommy and daddy. Sigh...but these are usually short lived and I am praying this time is as well.

I haven't even taken the time to take photos around the new place! Bad me. I know I need to go and take some of the great fence and all. They did a fantastic job with it. Now if we could just get some grass in the backyard we would be set. Of course the first time we took the boys back there to play they go straight for the mud. Then Cameron kept running full speed and falling and about the 3rd time or so he scratched the side of his face. So needless to say we haven't gone back there much. I need to get busy on the basement tonight so I can get that under control. I haven't spent much time down there since we moved but will soon with the boys as that is their main play area. Or will be.

I am really out of touch with all my scrapping things. But I will say I returned to Amy Sumrall making me the absolute cutest thing ever...take a peek!

Isn't it fabulous!?!?!?!?!?! You can get your very own sketch as well. Just head over here and check it out!


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