Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I skipped a day in there

Wow...I somehow missed Monday. I blinked or something and it is Tuesday...and night at that! I seriously thought it was Monday this evening. But if it was Monday then I would be at The Old Spaghetti Factory with some girls having fun. Maybe that is why I skipped a day or something. I went and met 4 other girls last night for dinner and had such a great time. It was nice to just get out and talk to other adults for a change! Even though more than half the time we talk about our kiddos it was still adult conversation. :)

I am still not over whatever this is I had last week. I thought I was but then yesterday and today let me know no go. I am determined to shake it!

The boys are starting to talk so much more. I am glad...was getting a little nervous. I know they say both boys and twins talk later usually but man...they are 19 months and although they each had a good amount of words they just weren't using them as often as I would like to hear. Now they are repeating just about anything and surprising me when they name something new out of the blue. They are also starting to do the 2-word things too. Very cute.

I spent some much needed time organizing some of my digi stuff that had been waiting for what seemed ages to be done. I am finding it hard to scrap when I have "stuff" to organize and sort. Why is this I wonder? I have actually discovered a few OCD things lately about myself. He, he. Nah, I am not that bad but sometimes I feel like I am.

Oh! I discovered a web site for my old high school alumni the other day. Actually a friend of mine sent the info to me but can I say addicting?!?!!??!?! It was fun to spend the evening looking up people and seeing what they look like now and what they are up to. I just have had to make myself not go back much because I can spend all night on the thing. :) But it has brought a few people back into my life I had wondered what happened to them. Kinda cool.


Margaret said...

19 months is early for boys to talk! Your two are doing VERY well!

kb said...

Hi I just found your blog thru a link from the MCA Designs blog. I am a mom to 8 month old twin girls who is just getting into digi scrapping. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Michelle said...

You are going to be hearing a lot of talking! Do they talk to you or each other the most?

Fun stuff--the dinner and alumni site. It's great you're getting out--probably not an easy feat!

Mel @ MCA Designs said...

Yes. As has already been stated, 19 months is early for boys! The verbal explosion for boys is typically 2 years, 5 months. Hope you get to feeling better soon!


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