Sunday, August 17, 2008

They are growing way too fast!

So they boys are starting to eat with utensils and on plates. I find this most amusing most days. They reach a point where they get tired of it taking so long and just end up eating with their hands again. I laugh each time. They just crack me up half the day. I did finally remember what Noah did the other day that made me laugh. He has resorted to walking on his hands and feet. Not crawling mind you, but putting his hands on the ground and walking half bent over. It is so funny to watch up go up and down the hall like this just grinning from ear to ear. He finds it most do I. :)

Going to be a busy week. Determined to make up for being sick last week in both unpacking and scrapping. I have so many photos to download and organize and so much scrapping stuff I need to sort through and organize on my EHD. Have to start getting ready for my trip in October!

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