Sunday, August 24, 2008

I walked off and forgot it...

Okay, there are some things I guess I would be considered anal about. The reason is if I don't do it that way then I would forget. Great example. We went to the splash park yesterday morning and I took out my camera and tried to take some pictures and it wouldn't work. I look on the thing and it is telling me there is no memory card. Ugh! So I missed some great pictures of the boys playing in the water and eating more popsicles. Sigh. I normally download the photos and put the card back in immediately or at least take it out and put it on top of my computer so I will remember. Didn't happen the day before. So I will go back to being my anal, routine self now. :)

Unpacking is still coming along. So many things are going through my head these days I can't seem to sleep. One would think I would just get up and do something productive. No, not at 3 am. I just toss and turn and go in and out of sleep to wake up the next morning and not want to get out of bed. Hope this stops soon...this always seems to happen when I have too many things on my mind and not enough hours in my day to get it all done. Twice in one week is enough for sleepy me!

Determined to get another page done tonight. I played around making some word art last night. I think I am going to find some cool sayings and post some freebies soon. I love word art. Quotes make it so easy to bring a page together for me for some reason.

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Margaret said...

It will just have to be an excuse to go back to the water park, this time with a working camera! I am expecting to get little sleep in the next week--nerves for school. So, I know what you mean. (just when we need the sleep the most is when we can't get it!)


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