Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday already?

I scrapped a page yesterday! Woo-hoo! I didn't blog but I scrapped. So I am happy. I loved the colors in this kit. So bright and vibrant...kind of like my little guy. :) The boys LOVE to play outside. Half the time they don't want to come in. Wait...all the time...there is no half about it.

Credits: Seth by Michelle Herron, green ricrac is from the July Artistan Guild kit and Font is CK Ali's Hand (love this by the way!)

I am amazed at how many new and very talented designers have come on board at My Scrap Shop just in the last month. It's really cool to see all the new faces and telent. Plus it has been seeing all the new kits and actions. I am so addicted to actions...and brushes, and word art, and...wait, I could go on forever. And MSS is having a CT call! You need to go and check it out and apply. It is so laid back and fun. And you get to work with all the great designers there. :)

KB - thanks for stopping by! Oh my...I remember the 8 month old phase. It gets easier with each passing month. Once they reach a year old life gets so much better. :) But I wouldn't trade being a twin mom for anything...I love my little guys to pieces!

Margaret and Mel - thanks! I am so glad to know my little guys aren't behind. Kind of scares me that I am not doing what I need to when I think they are.

Michelle - they surprisingly talk to me more than to each other I think. They are so different from each other they just kind of do their own things. They tend to go back and forth. Just depends on the week I guess.

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