Monday, August 25, 2008

It's all good

The other day the boys were helping me in the laundry room. They decided they wanted to carry the laundry detergent around the house. Noah got attached to the All. I laughed of course.
Then later they decided they wanted to wear my shoes so each took one and put them on. They just crack me up half the time!
When I woke up that morning and ran down to get their breakfast stuff out this was the beautiful sunrise that was going on. I just had to stop and take some pictures. It was just beautiful to me. I finally have a little area in the house all to myself. Been oh so long (a few years now) and it feels oh so good. So hopefully now I can actually get some stuff accomplished again. Woo-hoo! Still trying to find a place for everything but it is at least a beginning and I can sit and work on a few things while I finish the unpacking. Ah...feels so nice!

I am determined to start getting to know the area we live in. So far everything I do is in the city near us and not in the little town we live in. With that being said...I drove to find a nursery because I wanted to find some trees for our yard. I had been told this one location had a lady that could help me determine what trees would be best for my yard, etc. So I take the boys this afternoon and head out. It was in the middle of corn fields! I just was shocked. No other businesses near the place. I have to get used to the fact I live in a very small town now. This is kind of shocking to me. I love the area we picked but just have to get used to a different kind of lifestyle. I am going to be doing a lot more ordering by mail and such I am sure. :)

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Mel @ MCA Designs said...

How cute! My little one at about your boys' age, got attached to a spray bottle of CINCH cleaner. He took it everywhere. I am glad that I took photos and made a layout of it, otherwise I might not remember. That is a gorgeous photo of the sunrise! Glad you are getting settled.


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