Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's been a week

Wow. I can't believe we have been in the new place for a week now. It has flown by. It feels like a Saturday to me. The boys have been adjusting well for the most part. They are off their normal schedule and just out of whack. Hopefully with Mike starting back to work, the house being a little more unpacked and us getting things back to "normal" they will come around. They have decided they want to get up at 6:30 am and only take an hour and a half nap and then stay up until 8:00 pm. Does not make for happy boys...or happy mommy and daddy. Sigh...but these are usually short lived and I am praying this time is as well.

I haven't even taken the time to take photos around the new place! Bad me. I know I need to go and take some of the great fence and all. They did a fantastic job with it. Now if we could just get some grass in the backyard we would be set. Of course the first time we took the boys back there to play they go straight for the mud. Then Cameron kept running full speed and falling and about the 3rd time or so he scratched the side of his face. So needless to say we haven't gone back there much. I need to get busy on the basement tonight so I can get that under control. I haven't spent much time down there since we moved but will soon with the boys as that is their main play area. Or will be.

I am really out of touch with all my scrapping things. But I will say I returned to Amy Sumrall making me the absolute cutest thing ever...take a peek!

Isn't it fabulous!?!?!?!?!?! You can get your very own sketch as well. Just head over here and check it out!

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