Friday, May 7, 2010

Long time, no blog

Oh my, I can't believe it has been nearly month since I have blogged! I should be in serious withdrawal but to be honest I'm not. I mean, I miss all my bloggy friends and seeing what is up with everyone all the time but it is for a good reason that I am MIA for a little while. And no, I am so not preggo!

We have decided to move back to where M is from. It was a tough decision on some fronts but an easy one on others. I have always wanted my children to grow up near relatives (I didn't) and so we have decided it is what we want to do. Strangely enough hubby found a job about 2 hours away from his family and we decided to go for it. Man, getting the house ready AGAIN to sell is NOT fun! I have been working my rear off the last few weeks and still am not there yet.

But, it will all be worth it in the end. Am purging like crazy! Had a garage sale the other day and made way more than I ever thought I would. Still have a ton left and going through getting rid of more. I have not been able to really go through our stuff since when I was pregnant with the boys...over 3 years ago! We have a lot of stuff that just needs to go. Furniture, because we know we will not be in a house even close to this size, is the main one.

So that brings me to a bloggy question. We have this computer armour thingy. It is bulky and awkward and heavy. M doesn't really care for it, and I am to the point of hating it after moving around a room this evening like 6 times because it just didn't look good where I put it each time.

Now I am pondering, do I sell it or take it apart and use it for other things? The doors would make really cute chalkboard/magnet things for the boy's rooms or even a headboard for our room for the time being. I have contemplated chopping the thing in half and trying to make some kind of table or bench. I feel bad destroying (in a sense) a perfectly good piece of furniture. I know I could sell it but it would be for next to nothing. So what to do? What do your guys think?


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