Saturday, June 27, 2009

So how much food can a 2.5 year old eat????? Cameron ate 4 bowls of this sharp cheddar lasagna stuff I make the other night and Noah ate over 3 P&B sandwiches (no crusts of course) for lunch. On top of that they both had fruit. Where in the world do they put it all and what am I going to do when they are a teenager and really eating a lot?????? Eek. I think it's rather funny to be honest. I just can't believe at 2.5 they can eat more than I can. Kind of boggles my mind.

Noah loves to read. He has even taken to reading his daddy's magazines as you can see above. He would not release this one the other day and so I just scooped him and the magazine up and put them both in the car. We had somewhere to be and I am just not going to fight over a magazine. He doesn't destroy them (anymore) so I figured what can it hurt. He enjoys looking at the cars and I know daddy will love it some day too.

Determined to get back into scrapping so off to play around now. Been way too long and need a creative fix. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Twins everywhere

Before I had twins I had never had an egg with 2 yolks in it. Now I get them all the time. Seriously, I even had one carton that had 2 eggs that had 2 yolks in them. It kind of makes me sad because I think of the little twin chicks they would have been. But that doesn't last long. Ha!

I just seem to be finding "twins" everywhere these days. Kind of makes me a little scared, like it better not be a sign that I am going to have more. Eek! So today I happened to notice a sunflower we have and it was a double sunflower. Very cool in retrospect.

And to help give some kind of reference there is a photo of one of the single ones as well.

The twin thing has been on my mind a lot lately. So don't get me wrong when I say what I am about to. I love having twins. But (Yep, you knew there had to be a but with that lead in), some times I wonder what it would be like to have had my children one at a time. I wonder if I am cheating them in a way. Of time with both me and M. Of their own personal space. Of all kinds of things I could sit and list but won't.

I seem to have periods of time when I ponder this more so than other times and this happens to be one of those. Still struggling with if I should put them in their own rooms or not. I always said I would wait until they were old enough to decide on their own and let them make the choice. But they sleep so differently and have been fighting lately I am wondering if some time to themselves may be what they need. They are almost ALWAYS together. They hardly ever have time alone. Although I have tried letting one go with me and the other with M at some point over the weekend this just doesn't happen often. We tend to go do things as a family on the weekend. Sigh. Just once again pondering what is best for my children. I think I will do this until the day I die. Crazy things we do as parents, huh?

Monday, June 22, 2009

I am...

that mom.
  • The one that lets her kids have dessert even though they didn't eat much dinner.
  • The one that allows them to play "monster" even though we are eating breakfast in a restaurant and hubby thinks it is bothering everyone.
  • The one who lets them nap for nearly 4 hours because they are just exhausted and know there is no way they are going to sleep at their usual time that night and am okay with that.
  • The one that even though they say they don't want to go somewhere or do something have learned at 2.5 years old they say they don't want to but then when we go and they are having a ball they don't want to leave so I still make them go places they say they don't want to.
  • The one that goes into their room every night just before I go to bed myself to make sure they have their blanket and are comfortable...and sometimes just to sneak a peak.
  • The one that takes way too many pictures of their kids and can't delete a single one even though I know that jpeg will never make it to print or anything else but still enjoys looking at them.
  • The one that can't tell you how many times a day I pray for patience but wouldn't trade my "job" for anything in the world.
And a whole host of other things. I so much love being a mom but at times it can be so trying. I just hope my boys grow up to be loving and appreciative and not crazy little men! ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Wow. What an amazing service this morning at church. I have so enjoyed this new one we have been going to and each week just seems to get better and better. The boys really enjoy the nursery, where they actually have church as well and not just play time. It is just amazing to me.

This morning they did the most amazing thing during the offertory. Instead of the usual song they had a group of people that came up one by one with signs. On one side it had what their life was like or how they have felt in the past. On the other, the way they feel or how their life is like now. It was a very powerful thing and I was just in awe. I haven't felt this "spoken" to in years. No, I am not going to be a holy roller on here now but I just had to share. It is just a goof fit for me. My husband seems to enjoy it as well and I know the boys do. I am truly looking forward to what the future brings.

I think I had mentioned on here previously that I have really struggled with organized religion for some time now. This morning as we were pulling in the parking lot I just prayed for my mind and heart to be open. And this mornings service was our youth singing and the youth pastor talking. If I ever felt someone was speaking to me it was this morning. Not sure what I am supposed to be doing but know I am on the right track again finally. :)

I hope my hubby is having a great Father's Day and all those fathers out there are as well. Today always makes me really miss my own father. I was lucky enough to spend his last Father's Day with him, he passed away about a week later. June always kind of makes me sad. But I did manage to make a cute poem with the boy's footprints on it for M. I framed them and I think he will be hanging them in his office, although I may see if he wants to put them in the bedroom instead. I'll snap some pictures and share later in the week, he took the camera with him on a motorcycle ride.

And speaking of cameras...still have not sent my SLR in to be repaired. Better get that done this week! I have been without it for a month now and am starting to go into withdraw. It will take 2-3 weeks to get it back so better get busy! I did call and they tried to help me reset it over the phone but it wouldn't work. I seriously think the motor is shot...which scares me as to how much that is going to be to repair. Really bums me out as I have only had the thing for a year and a half. Okay, not going to get worked up until I know the damage. Sigh. Must. Send. In. Tomorrow!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Some days...frustrated version

Okay, so I am trying to pull in to a Chick-fil-a this morning and the idiot coming out decides he is going to be the enforcer or something and almost hits me. Apparently the sign that states it is an entrance only was gone and I didn't know this but he decided to be a jacka$% and enforce the fact that it is an entrance. Now don't get me wrong. I get frustrated at people that do this so I try not to myself. But I had no clue it was an in only since I think I have been there twice since we have moved here (in a different town than I live in).

So he sits there and is screaming at me in his car and refuses to move until I back up and go the other way. At this point I am saying a few words I should not be saying in front of my kids. So I back up, and start off to the other entrance. Yeah, long enough for him to pull out. Throw my car in reverse and go in the entrance just to piss him off because I know he can still see me. He just hit the wrong nerve with me first thing this morning. And later on I ask myself why I let this frustrate me so? I told the manager of the store their sign is missing and about the idiot that nearly hit me over it. So why can't I let it go now????

Well, maybe because we were on the way to the dermatolist and although the visit was speedy and all I was frustarted there as well. They ask me all these questions about Noah (took him because we can't find a suncreen that doesn't make him have a rash). She hands me a sample of an over the counter sunscreen and then tells me I just need to try them all until I find one. WTF? I just drove 40 minutes and almost got hit by some crazy person for something you could have just told me over the phone?????????? She tries to give me a second sample and I told her we had already tried it and every other children's sunscreen on the now do I just move on to the adult ones? Yes, she replies. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so now I am kind of pissy although not in a bad mood if that makes any sense at all. So off to the house we head. Maybe things will get better after lunch/nap time. Sigh...can I get in bed and wake up on the other side now??????

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some days...

Some days I just feel like the luckiest mom in the world!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You've got that loving feeling...

Woa, that loving feeling. Not exactly sure why that just came to mind other than I am all jazzed about being crafty again. I picked up a cool magazine today and had taken a look at one I have had a while and it got me all excited again about getting some stuff done. Both scrapping and making some cards and gifts. So, now just to find the time to sneak in there to get it done. That one is a wee bit more difficult.

I did get some of the pictures loaded to the Project 365 blog today. Woo-hoo! Having some technical difficulties with the new camera and downloading the photos to my computer. Rather strange for me but I am sure I will figure it out eventually.

I got some organizing done around the house today so that always makes me happy. I am still trying to figure out the best solution for the boys toys, both in the main living area and their playroom, aka the basement. I am still thinking lots of bookshelves or shelves with baskets are the way to go. Now just to find all those and get it done. Also must label it all and that is going to take a little time. But must make it a priority this summer because I feel like their toys are taking over the place.

Off to nighty, night land for me very soon...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Behind as usual

I am so very behind on my Project 365 blog. I have the posts done just need to load pictures and post them to each posting. Hmm...contemplating just publishing the post each night and then going back to add pictures later seeing as it is taking me way too long to do the photos these days. Well, at least I am still taking the pictures each day. And speaking of...may need to go sneak one in for today now that I think about it. Hop everyone had a fantastic weekend. I actually go to stamp a little. Woo-hoo!

Friday, June 5, 2009


So I finally got my results yesterday and it was wonderful news! Everything is fine, no worries and no cancer. Thank God!!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Been a while

I didn't realize how long it has been since I have blogged. Wow. I can't remember the last time I went this long without blogging. I'm in withdraw! :) Really haven't had a lot to blog about I guess. My surgery was this past Friday, still don't have the results but she said whatever it is she got it all. So that is at least a relief. Trying to be positive and stay focused so I won't obsess like I usually do. Ha! Me, obsess?

The boys had fun with their Nana and PaPaw visiting but were sad to see them go home today. Noah is back to his no-napping self right now and is going to be so exhausted this afternoon when his therapist gets here. Oh joy. Of course I am guessing he will fall asleep just before she arrives but will deal with what comes our way.

Can you make the phone ring right now? Okay, I am obsessing. But I know they have the results the nurse just couldn't give them to me. Ugh!

I am REALLY missing my creative outlet right now. No scrapping, no stamping, no nothing in over a month now between all the stuff going on. The most creative thing I have done this last month was put together teacher gifts from the boys for end of school year. Sigh. I didn't even make them and had some cards I had already made previously so much get busy making some new cards as I am nearly out.

Can I just say what a wonderful group of moms there are here that I am part of? The sweetest people ever have helped us out during this crazy time. We had the most awesome people bring us meals to keep me out of he kitchen and take the stress off me of not worrying about having everything ready before as well. Oh I can't begin to say what a HUGE help and relief this was for me. I vividly remember waking in the recovery room crying and saying how bad it hurt and asking how my boys were. Those were 2 of the 3 things I was saying. The 3rd was that I wanted an ice chip and she wouldn't give me one. My mouth was so dry I couldn't even swallow. It was crazy.

Obsessing again? Okay, time to go focus on something else, say laundry maybe that has piled up since Friday? Off I go...keep busy and wait for the phone to ring...


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