Friday, June 19, 2009

Some days...frustrated version

Okay, so I am trying to pull in to a Chick-fil-a this morning and the idiot coming out decides he is going to be the enforcer or something and almost hits me. Apparently the sign that states it is an entrance only was gone and I didn't know this but he decided to be a jacka$% and enforce the fact that it is an entrance. Now don't get me wrong. I get frustrated at people that do this so I try not to myself. But I had no clue it was an in only since I think I have been there twice since we have moved here (in a different town than I live in).

So he sits there and is screaming at me in his car and refuses to move until I back up and go the other way. At this point I am saying a few words I should not be saying in front of my kids. So I back up, and start off to the other entrance. Yeah, long enough for him to pull out. Throw my car in reverse and go in the entrance just to piss him off because I know he can still see me. He just hit the wrong nerve with me first thing this morning. And later on I ask myself why I let this frustrate me so? I told the manager of the store their sign is missing and about the idiot that nearly hit me over it. So why can't I let it go now????

Well, maybe because we were on the way to the dermatolist and although the visit was speedy and all I was frustarted there as well. They ask me all these questions about Noah (took him because we can't find a suncreen that doesn't make him have a rash). She hands me a sample of an over the counter sunscreen and then tells me I just need to try them all until I find one. WTF? I just drove 40 minutes and almost got hit by some crazy person for something you could have just told me over the phone?????????? She tries to give me a second sample and I told her we had already tried it and every other children's sunscreen on the now do I just move on to the adult ones? Yes, she replies. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so now I am kind of pissy although not in a bad mood if that makes any sense at all. So off to the house we head. Maybe things will get better after lunch/nap time. Sigh...can I get in bed and wake up on the other side now??????


Cathy said...

I go in that exit every time, otherwise you have to drive ALL THE WAY around the building to get in the drive thru line.
Also, my Dad gets rashy with every sunscreen too, thought for years he just got sun poisoning, but he just tried a Neutrogena one that seems to have done the trick.

Margaret said...

Some days things just BOTHER me and that'a all there is to it. It's normal and I go with the flow. That man was raising his blood pressure for no good reason!!


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