Saturday, June 27, 2009

So how much food can a 2.5 year old eat????? Cameron ate 4 bowls of this sharp cheddar lasagna stuff I make the other night and Noah ate over 3 P&B sandwiches (no crusts of course) for lunch. On top of that they both had fruit. Where in the world do they put it all and what am I going to do when they are a teenager and really eating a lot?????? Eek. I think it's rather funny to be honest. I just can't believe at 2.5 they can eat more than I can. Kind of boggles my mind.

Noah loves to read. He has even taken to reading his daddy's magazines as you can see above. He would not release this one the other day and so I just scooped him and the magazine up and put them both in the car. We had somewhere to be and I am just not going to fight over a magazine. He doesn't destroy them (anymore) so I figured what can it hurt. He enjoys looking at the cars and I know daddy will love it some day too.

Determined to get back into scrapping so off to play around now. Been way too long and need a creative fix. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Margaret said...

They must be in a growth spurt? It happened with my kids periodically; they couldn't get enough to eat! (although that sharp cheddar lasagne sounds absolutely wonderful!! I would probably have 4 bowls myself)

Michelle said...

I agree with Margaret. Sage always seems to be in a growth spurt, though. I have to make him stop after half a pizza. Crazy, isn't it?


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