Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nothing much really

Everything in my house that is electrical is breaking. Ugh! I replaced the washer and dryer last weekend. My computer is on it's last leg and I can't get my EHD to work tonight. I am praying it has not gone out and maybe just need to reboot the computer or it possibly be the cable is bad for the plug. I really pray it isn't broken because I haven't backed that thing up in a few months now. I know, I know, bad me. The weeks have just been flying by and I realize it was the beginning of May since I last backed it up. I pray I didn't lose all those pictures! Oh, and I lost my good old HP printer that I have loved and loved for about 8 years now. It has been a workhorse! Sad that it just quit working. Hoping to chalk all this up to a bad day and move on. Although my niece sent me this today and I true, so true.

Murphy's Law of Children

1. The later you stay up, the earlier your child will wake up the next morning.

2. For a child to become clean, something else must become dirty.

3. Toys multiply to fill any space available.

4. The longer it takes you to make a meal, the less your child will like it.

5. Yours is always the only child who doesn't behave.

6. If the shoe's expensive.

7. The surest way to get something done is to tell a child not to do it.

8. The gooier the food, the more likely it is to end up on the carpet.

9. Backing the car out of the driveway causes your child to have to go to the bathroom.

10. The more challenging the child, the more rewarding it is to be a parent..sometimes.


Margaret said...

Man, I get so attached to computers that it is tough to get rid of them. You remind me that my oldest one needs backing up...hope I get around to it soon. Those laws of children? Many of them work for ALL ages!! (especially 3--although not toys, 6,7 and 10)

Michelle said...

Oh, I love these! Especially number 2..true!

Best of luck with your computer. What kind of washer/dryer did you get? (I have a thing for appliances...)


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