Sunday, July 19, 2009

I can no longer gather my thoughts when I sit down in the evening to post and catch up on emails. I just am brain dead by that point. I need to get better about making notes again. I used to jot down what I needed to do online and need to start that again. Now when I sit to get on the computer I have become so used to having to wait FOREVER for my computer to start, then the stupid internet to come up and then maybe I will get lucky if it only takes me 30 minutes to an hour to check a few emails, make a post and do a thing or two online. It is SOOOOOOO FREAKING SLOW. Hopefully I have remedied that today.

I took my computer back to where I had gone about a month ago and they did some more stuff to it. I had mentioned yesterday while at their store I wasn't very happy with the service they had performed about a month prior and he told me they had some problems then and asked if I would be willing to bring it back in. I jumped on that one. So today off I went. He did some stuff to it and even figured out how to adjust the brightness on my screen when it decides it has a mind of it's own. OMG, I can't tell you how many people have tried to figure that one out! I bowed to his greatness and in return bought another computer.

Yep, I am the proud owner of a shiney new desktop. I won't get it until tomorrow because they are doing the optimization and installing Office and stuff for me. Worth it for me not to have to deal with that. So now I can start digi scrapping again. Woo-hoo! I had become so disgusted with how slow my computer was that I just quit. I couldn't stand sitting and waiting for 5 minutes for the software to load, then another 3-4 minutes for my page to load. And when it came time to save the thing, ugh! I won't even go there. I literally would go and do other stuff and come back later. It was ridiculous. My laptop doesn't have the power (and can't be upgraded to have it) to run all the digi stuff sufficiently. So it was about freaking time I got something that did. I splurged on something for myself for a change. I can't believe it. And you know what? It felt good. I haven't done that in AGES. Probably since my Nikon purchase over a year and a half ago. So now to try and restrain myself from staying up all night each day this week and playing with the new toy. Ha!


Elizabeth said...

Good for you! Sounds awesome!

Margaret said...

That will be fun to use the new computer for your scrapping! (once you get the hang of how it works--every one is a little different)


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