Thursday, July 9, 2009

What a wonderful day!

We had so much fun today! Met an old friend of mine at The Children's Museum this morning and the boys did so fantastic. I am so very proud of them! They even napped when we got home. There is a God in Heaven.

We went to Applebee's for dinner and got a huge surprise to end our nice day. They comped our meal. When M got his food it wasn't what he had ordered so we thought he was saying they were going to comp his dinner but he said no, we are always there and such loyal customers that dinner was on them tonight. Wow. What a nice surprise we had. We actually go nearly every week and drive to the neighboring town to go to the one there instead of the one where we live. The food just seems better, there is no smoking and the staff is much more friendly. So we just make the short drive over and are happy. They are always very accommodating for us and the boys so why change? Just made a very nice ending to a very nice day.

This was Noah's hair when he woke up this morning. I had to laugh and of course take a picture. Poor kid is doomed with bead head. He got his mom's stick straight hair that will conform very quickly to whatever position you put it in. Meaning if you bend it wacky for a while it will stay that way. So sorry Noah!

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