Monday, July 26, 2010

To school or not to school?

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Einstein

I love this quote. I have really been struggling these last several months about what to do concerning preschool for the boys. You read and hear so many mixed things. I think the boys benefit from the social aspect so I do feel they should go a few days a week. But I also feel I should be teaching them more at home. They thrive off routine and if I could just figure out a good routine and find some great "teaching" activities I think we would be okay. I would also be lying if I didn't admit the few hours a week to get a few things accomplished sans kids is a wonderful thing too. ;)

Here lately the thought of how different life would be with only one child at a time has crossed my mind often. I hate when I get in those sorts of moods. I LOVE being a twin mom and wouldn't trade it for anything (well, most days that is). Don't get me wrong. I just find myself from time to time thinking of all the fun things I could have done with them if they were born at different times. Like the a few days last week when Cameron wanted to go to the pool swimming but Noah didn't. What do you do? It's 100 degrees out so it's not like I can tell Noah that he can just play by the pool then if he doesn't feel like swimming. It is usually Cameron that wants to do something and Noah doesn't. Sometimes I push and have him tag along anyway but I find myself more often giving in and feel that Cameron is losing out.

But then I always try to think about all the fun things we get to do because they were born at the same time. And it has been amazing to experience the world through their eyes at the same time. They both see such different aspects of things. So I am blessed beyond belief to have them. Just having a hard time finding a balance because of how extremely different they are. Even just their energy levels! Noah tires so much more easily while Cameron just can't seem to burn off enough energy.

I guess it's things like this that make me think they would do better in an actual preschool. Before we found out we were having twins I had this crazy idea in my head of homeschooling. I haven't totally given up on the idea but I am just not certain I can really meet their needs. Am I crazy?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What happened to July?

Oh wow...what in the world happened to the month of July? I wasn't expecting to go so long without internet. Although I will admit in some ways it was kind of nice. But...I am happy to once again be back among the cyber world. :)

Lots and lots of unpacking going on. Not sure when I will have the regular computer up and running to be able to download photos. Can't even find the point and shoot camera at this point. But needless to say I have fallen off the picture a day wagon. Sniff, sniff. I hate that I have virtually stopped taking photos but I will get back into the swing again soon. Trying to figure out where to put a house full of stuff in the new place. Hasn't been easy going to a house that is 1,000 square feet smaller but I will say I am glad we did go smaller. Just going to take some time to dig out of things. We got rid of a lot before we left but will still have a lot to ditch as I unpack. Crazy how much a few people can accumulate!

Okay, enough whining...

Went to the boys' first puppet show this morning. They had a ball. We will go back again although there was one part I didn't think we were going to survive. They take "mail" from all the kids in the audience and that was a LONG segment...they read each piece and show it off to the audience. LONG. Not good for 2-4 year olds! But they said they had a good time and want to go back again. Cameron even brought his beloved Boxy and showed it to them after. So stinking cute!

Okay, off to the store and possibly the pool now! Hope everyone is doing well! Will send out new info to everyone soon. Hang in there with us while we get situated here in the new spot please. :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Closing day!

We close on the new house today. I am so thankful! Will be happy to be out of a hotel and I know the boys and M will as well. We went to a play date yesterday that was supposed to be outside. My boys immediately found the train table and cars and didn't set a foot outside. They wanted to once and spent about 3 minutes out there and then came back in. They want to be able to play with their toys again SO badly.

Not sure when we will have internet yet so may be a while before I am back. But I will also be busy, busy unpacking boxes so I have an excuse. ;) Movers don't come until Monday but I will just be happy to have a house again. And it will kind of be fun to "camp out" with the boys this weekend. Wish us luck!


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