Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Wow. What an amazing service this morning at church. I have so enjoyed this new one we have been going to and each week just seems to get better and better. The boys really enjoy the nursery, where they actually have church as well and not just play time. It is just amazing to me.

This morning they did the most amazing thing during the offertory. Instead of the usual song they had a group of people that came up one by one with signs. On one side it had what their life was like or how they have felt in the past. On the other, the way they feel or how their life is like now. It was a very powerful thing and I was just in awe. I haven't felt this "spoken" to in years. No, I am not going to be a holy roller on here now but I just had to share. It is just a goof fit for me. My husband seems to enjoy it as well and I know the boys do. I am truly looking forward to what the future brings.

I think I had mentioned on here previously that I have really struggled with organized religion for some time now. This morning as we were pulling in the parking lot I just prayed for my mind and heart to be open. And this mornings service was our youth singing and the youth pastor talking. If I ever felt someone was speaking to me it was this morning. Not sure what I am supposed to be doing but know I am on the right track again finally. :)

I hope my hubby is having a great Father's Day and all those fathers out there are as well. Today always makes me really miss my own father. I was lucky enough to spend his last Father's Day with him, he passed away about a week later. June always kind of makes me sad. But I did manage to make a cute poem with the boy's footprints on it for M. I framed them and I think he will be hanging them in his office, although I may see if he wants to put them in the bedroom instead. I'll snap some pictures and share later in the week, he took the camera with him on a motorcycle ride.

And speaking of cameras...still have not sent my SLR in to be repaired. Better get that done this week! I have been without it for a month now and am starting to go into withdraw. It will take 2-3 weeks to get it back so better get busy! I did call and they tried to help me reset it over the phone but it wouldn't work. I seriously think the motor is shot...which scares me as to how much that is going to be to repair. Really bums me out as I have only had the thing for a year and a half. Okay, not going to get worked up until I know the damage. Sigh. Must. Send. In. Tomorrow!


Michelle said...

I think struggling with organized religion is a sign of intelligence, and not taking things at face value. It's impossible to deny that it has problems, and of course it's important to find the right church community for you.

I've just found out about a church here in my town that was founded by a Quaker who moved here. My friends tell me it's right up my alley, so I may have some related posts as well. Don't worry about being a holy roller--you can love Jesus without being associated with the folks who blow up things. Well, most of the time, but I'm trying not to care about that so much.

Margaret said...

I agree that it's tough to find a place that speaks to you, so it's great that you have. NO camera!! That would kill me.


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