Thursday, January 15, 2009

So this is what negative numbers feels like

It was a COLD day today. I had to go out and get the mail just so I could experience negative digits. It was COLD! After dinner when I went to close the blinds in our room I snapped a shot of the temperature thingy we have in our room. It was registering -6 outside. Brrrrrrr! So needless to say I am very thankful tonight that we have a warm roof over our heads.
I think the boys and I (and even daddy too) are experiencing some cabin fever. After tomorrow it should hopefully warm up at least into the 20s again I think. Schools have already been closed for tomorrow since it is supposed to be even colder tonight. Brr...good night to be inside with a cup of hot chocolate and a nice fire!

So the guys have started pretending they are asleep. It is so funny. All of the sudden they will get really quiet and then start pretend snoring. It is the funniest thing to watch. I tried to catch a picture of it tonight but missed it. They see me coming with the camera now and it's all over whatever they may be doing.

Cleaned up my scrapping area a little today. Still have so much to do to get it where it is a really good usable space. But will get there. I seriously need to do some rearranging of our entire basement. Already. We have only been in this house like 6 months and I am already ready to start rearranging rooms! Oh well...never will be at a loss for things to work on around here.


Jill Scott said...

You have the perfect excuse to scrap the day away with those temps.

Margaret said...

I can't imagine weather that cold. I think we are all thankful to have warm houses in these winter temps. I feel so sorry for those who don't.


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