Saturday, January 10, 2009

My little guys got their haircut today. I think it is time for regular haircuts. Sigh. They are getting so big!

Noah acted like a frog tonight. They can tell you what all the animals say but tonight for the first time he hopped around like a frog saying "ribbit." Very cute and Cameron half heatedly did it too. He just wasn't as into the frogs as Noah was. :)

Michelle made a comment about how do I organize all my photos (yes, I literally take hundreds every week usually). I love ACDSee. I can't say enough good things about this program. Before I had tried to use my Photoshop Organizer and my computer was getting so bogged down. Not to mention how long that thing took to load. I was frustrated and getting disheartened. I had read a lot about others using ACDSee and decided to try it out for myself. I am SO very thankful I did. Not only do I use it for all my photos but I use it for my digital scrapping things as well. You can tag items multiple ways and at the click of a button have everything in a particular category at your fingertips within seconds. And the thing I love the very most about it is this program runs on top of your file system instead of actually recreating the files in the program. In other words this takes up less space on my computer and doesn't bog the thing down! Always a good thing in my book!!!!!

I got one of the stability balls last night. I have no idea where my old one has gone to and haven't seen it in years to be honest. I had deflated it and more than likely got rid of it at some point. So after Cameron was sitting on the beach ball the other day I thought how I should get one of these to sit at my desk instead of my chair. My chair makes my back hurt anyway, at least this way I can start strengthening my back instead. Woo-hoo...been sitting on it today and really like it. I even did a short workout on it too! So maybe this was a better purchase than I thought. I have always liked working out with the stability ball.

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Jill Scott said...

Do the boys play with your stability ball too? My girls love mine. Cute haircuts. It is sad when you get that first cut, isn't it? They don't look as much like babies with those blunt edges from the cut. :(


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