Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh how sad!

I just looked at my poor blog and realized I only had 1 post for the entire month of May! OMG I don't think I have been away from the blog for that long since the boys came along! Been getting the house ready to go on the market and spending every possible minute working on it. is FINALLY on the market. It's been a week now. Trying to be patient but that is SO hard I have to admit. We had 4 showings this week and one of them stayed over the time they were supposed to be here. I know it will all work out and happen when it is supposed to but man it is had waiting!

The boys are getting so big! We were lucky enough to have their Papaw visit this last week. He was here on business but we were able to see him 3 days in a row! Now Cameron asks if it is a "Papaw day today" nearly every day at some point. So very, very sweet!

I also have to say the boys are 3.5 and showing it. One is a sassy little thing and the other has decided he likes to push and hit. Lovely. Tonight Cameron told M that he wasn't going to be his daddy for much longer. Oh my. I didn't think they talked like that until they were teenagers! Someone should have warned me about that one. I know it hurt M's feelings tremendously but I try to realize Cameron is 3 and I don't think he really fully understands what he is saying. He is mad and that is what he knows. So now how to teach him to be more constructive with both the anger and the words?????

Haven't downloaded pictures from my camera in weeks. Heck, I think I even went weeks without taking a single picture! So much for the Project 365 this year. I knew I should have gone with the digital version! Oh well...I think selling a house and moving qualifies for a good excuse of not doing that project this year. Can I just say selling a house is on of the most stressful things I have ever done in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I will attempt to get the pictures off my camera soon and onto my blog...where they belong once again.

Hope everyone in blogging land is doing fabulous...will have to catch up on everyone's blogs very, very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Margaret said...

You sound terribly busy, so I don't blame you. Moving is the devil!! My husband told me 14 years ago that the next time he moved, it would be into the cemetery. ;)


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