Sunday, October 19, 2008

Can't it be Saturday night?

Still amazed how fast the weekend went. I swear I just woke up and it was Saturday morning and now it is already Sunday night. Sigh. Wow...felt like I just played with the boys all weekend and that was it. Not a bad thing to do but still...didn't get much done. we did get the boys a little something. I'll have to share once I download the photos. ;)

Got a page scrapped while the boys were napping today. I have had such a hard time scrapping any of the major moments in their lives. Strange I know, but the every day moments seem to be so much easier for me to do. Maybe it's because I am too much of a perfectionist or something. Oh well. I came across this template at Racketty Scrappety and it all just came together. Very cool indeed!

Credits: MSS Collab Kit Get Well, Stitching from MCA Designs, Template from Racketty Scrappety, Fonts are Candy Stripe and Rage.

It's time for me to find the boys some real winter gear. I am tempted to order it from LL Bean but not sure what sizes to order. Do I just order what size they actually wear or a size up so their sweater and stuff will fit in it as well? I may just call and ask about this as I have no clue! I also have to get myself a new coat and some warm clothes. Ugh...why is it I hate to shop when it comes to stuff like this?


Margaret said...

I am terrible at figuring out sizes so I'm no help there. I love your Candy cane layout! And I wish it were Sat. night too.

mommyjill said...

I would order the next size up so they can grow into it and wear it longer as well as you can layer items underneath as well. So if they are in a 24 month size I would get a 2T or a 36 month/3T size coat. My kiddo grows so fast I have to get at least the next size up so that he can wear it more than once!


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