Friday, October 24, 2008

Busy bees...

Been some busy bees this week. I am still in my organizational mode and trying to find good ways to get this house back in shape. Working on it but it is coming along slowly. I actually got to spend a good deal of time on it Wednesday since the boys go to PDO for a few hours and then come home and nap. So progress is made at least.

Thursday we have Kindermusik and today we went to the Children's Museum. It is like the best place in the world for them. It was PACKED today since all the schools around are on Fall Break. Crazy was an understatement.

We had fun today though and the boys were happy little clams. They even got to eat some yummy sugar cookies (from the post below) the last few days and so mommy needs to make more. They actually had the Frankensteins tonight and it was pretty funny since they had some black icing on them. Needless to say I will stick with ghosts and pumpkins this go round. :)

M took off on Monday so we can go to a farm or somewhere that has pumpkins and a corn maze. Should be fun but it is going to be chilly! I guess we will see how well I do with the layering. The boys could care less as long as they are outside. They never want to come in when we go out to play. Which is actually a good thing in my opinion. Hope that is something that sticks with them. I was outside a lot as a kid so hoepfully they will enjoy it as well.

Okay, off to play with some more Halloween stuff I am working on. This is actually getting me in a holiday mood I haven't been in for some time now. With the pregnancy and the boys not understanding much last year and being so small it was tough the last few years to really get into any of the holidays. This year is already been so much fun with them!

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Margaret said...

Oh, YES, holidays will be so much fun with your boys. I still enjoy the decorations. Alison is carving a pumpkin right now with a couple of friends. Enjoy!!


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