Saturday, October 4, 2008

Daddy and me

It's not often I scrap pages for some reason with people other than the kiddos. Didn't realize this really until today when I scrapped this page. I took this photo the other day and LOVED it. It was an accident of course but hey, sometimes those are the best photos. It was the first day it was really cold enough to wear jackets and the boys just looked so darn cute in the only jacket they own right now. Had to take some photos!

Credits: MSS Collab kit Get Well Soon

I am getting to play with some cool new things that are coming out on Monday. So you will have to check back for some more layouts with some fun new stuff by MCA Designs.

The closer Salt Lake City gets the more nervous I am becoming. I thought I would be just fine leaving the boys. I hope I am just fine leaving the boys. Thankfully Cathy is a veteran and will be there to help me through it! I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry. I am such a weenie!

I got so much done today I am amazed. I tried a new grocery store and LOVED it. Will be going back there every week now. It is a little further for me to drive but SO worth it. Their produce was actually great...which has been a big disappointment for me since we have moved here. So happy to find some good produce again!

I watered and fertilized part of the yard, will finish it tomorrow. Laundry, cleaning, got Halloween decorations out (not up but at least out), baked two loaves of yummy cinnamon/vanilla bread. Hmm, I know there is more but can't tired. So, off to finish folding some laundry, put the yummy bread away and to bed for me! Hope everyone had a great Saturday!

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