Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's a mom to do?

So, the last 2 times I have gone to pick up Noah from Parent's Day Out he has taken one look at me and just reached over to whatever kiddo was closest and pulled their hair. And I am not talking just a short little yank. He grabs a hold and pulls and it is tough to get his strong little hand away. I have no idea why he is doing this nor do I know how to get him to stop. I am praying it is just a phase. My theory is that he is mad at me for leaving him and this is his way of showing this upon my return. Hmm...what's a mom to do?

One of the pictures from Sunday's snow in Salt Lake City. Just so beautiful and peaceful I just didn't want to disturb any of it. I LOVE this time of year!

I have really been in unpack, sort, get rid of, want to organize kind of mode all week. Amazing what a person can get done while in this sort of state of mind. I just want to go out and either find or build a desk for my craft area. I have loved my drafting table but the time has come I need an actual desk type thing. I would like a corner one with lots of room on top and drawers. But we will see what we find. I am hoping to find a used one for a good deal and just refinish as needed. But we will see. Have an idea in my head what I want but let's see how long that will take to make. I actually found something very close to it in a magazine but the people had made it themselves. Too bad they didn't put instructions in there! Hmm...wonder if I contacted them if they would help a gal out. :)


Nola1130 said...

Lovely photo. Really does look peaceful. Funny (in an odd way) about Noah's hair pulling only when you come back. Hopefully, he will just get over this attitude as he gets used to PDO.

Michelle said...

Here's the thing. I would, silently, unwrap the hair from his fingers, apologize to the parent, and leave without saying one word to him. It is probably an attention getting behavior. If so, giving him the "silent treatment" so that he gets even LESS attention than he would normally will probably be really effective.

Unfortunately, I know this from experience. :-P


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