Sunday, October 5, 2008

So many favorites

I have so many favorite pictures of the boys. I laugh at myself but I can't help it. Every once in a while I get that perfect picture of them. And since they change so much it seems daily I can have as many favorites as I want, right?

One of my reasons for scrapbooking is that I want the boys to know how we felt and what kinds of things they did as they were growing up. I want them to know how very much they are loved and be able to look back fondly on the memories of when they were children. So that includes my favorite pictures of them! This is one I just did for Noah's book. Love the way the light caught him as he was sitting there.

Credits: Paper are by Raspberry Road, Photo Mask (which I used 2 different ones so go here and here), Title Brush, grungy border and leaves are by MCA Designs. Font is Will and Grace(love that font!)

And of course Mondays are Monday Madness over at MCA Designs so you can pick up 2 different awesome items (including the title brush I used above) for only 25 cents! Can't beat that deal!!!!!

Just 3 more days left and I will be on my way to Salt Lake City! Woo-hoo! Trying so very hard not to be nervous about leaving the boys. I'm a wimp...I admit it.

Off to bed for me...long day and I am sleepy! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!!


Margaret said...

That is an adorable photo!! They are very fortunate to have a scrapbooking mom.

Joy said...

I love the layout! :D


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