Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm in one of those funks again. I hate this kind of mood. I want to do so much and yet an overwhelmed by it all. Not to mention my little ones are a little out of sorts today. Noah just spent 10 minutes crying himself to sleep. I was just about to go in and he finally stopped. Seriously, I had just started walking toward the stairs. Do they know these sorts of things or something? I can't take it when the kiddos cry like that when they go to bed. They hardly ever do it but it seems to happen for a few days in a row...usually when we have been out of our normal routine, which we have the last few days. And next week will be much the same. Sigh.

I finally broke down and bought the boys a wagon today. I have wanted to get them one for a while now. I didn't because of the move, then I waited because we have so much stuff in the garage. I just had to do it. If I want to go to the orchard and stuff this is so much easier than the stroller. Plus Halloween will be much more fun with the wagon instead of the stroller.

It has gotten down right cold here lately. Monday is supposed to be down to 29 degrees! Brrr is all I can say. It is fine inside but to be outside for a while gets chilly to say the least. Guess I need to find my winter stuff...and soon. I did pick up the boys some winter coats and snow pants today. So at least that is done finally.

Oh, I have fallen in love with this blog. They were talking about making jams/butters and the recipe they gave for Pear-Cardamon Butter just sounds to die for. I think next year I will have a chance to do a lot more stuff like this since we will not just have moved in. And the boys will be a little older and doing more on their own. Plus they will enjoy things like this as well a little more. But man I can't wait to try this recipe!

Okay, off to try and scrap. They have some cool new challenges over at My Scrap Shop. Go and check them out!


Margaret said...

Getting in a funk is perfectly normal, my dear. We ALL do it. It's a fact of life that kids get out of sorts, and so do WE. Hang in there--you are amazing!!

Jill said...

We did trick or treating last year in a wagon and it worked out great! Lucas' cousin Emma went with us and they both rode in it and shared a pumkin for candy- they had a great time!


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