Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

I am a wee bit nervous about the move. I have so much to do and just not motivated right now to do it. I think the house not being shown much has a little to do with it. I know it will sell when it is meant to but man can it play with your mind. :)

Not a lot of srcapping the last 2 days. I haven't even been taking many photos. What's up with that? I have been trying to get organized for the coming weeks and so far, so good. Just need to take care of a few loose ends and we should be in good shape. For now that is. Ha!

The boys are just so cute and seem to be going through a growth spurt or something. We have to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather before it gets too hot here. But hey, we will be having 2 Springs this year for the most part. Yippee!

The world of digital scrapbooking is HUGE. I can surf all day long and still not be able to cover a fraction of it. I have come across this very cool site though that I have quickly fallen in love with. I have been head over heals with the layouts posted here and still trying to go through all the forums and information when I have a minute here or there. A lot to go through so going to take me some time.

Okay, off to work on the house some more and keep making my lists. What would I do without my lists?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Joy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm happy to meet other twin mommys too!!! :) Your boys are adorable!!!

Margaret said...

A wee bit?? You'd be abnormal NOT to be stressed about selling a house and moving. You are doing very well with it!


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