Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Well, I guess the reality of us moving is finally starting to sink in. I am so not ready to go. Here all along I thought I was fine with it, and I guess I am. But I am now starting to realize all the things I am going to miss here. Sigh. I know it will all be okay, just starting to realize I had better get going on getting everything ready. Makes it kind of real now.

I got to work on a layout last night but my computer is acting up more and more. Still hoping to get a new one when we move and just use this one for internet. Plus I want a faster one that can handle the graphics programs better. You know the next purchase will be a tablet. :) Just have to figure out which one to get.

Off to finish downloading the nearly 400 pictures I have taken the last few days. Thank goodness for digital! I have no idea how I end up taking that many pictures in such a short amount of time. Then when I look at them it doesn't seem like 400 pictures to me. Anyone else ever feel that way? :)

Update: Just went over to visit Amy's blog and she has a fantastic coupon for 50% off anything in her store! Head over to pick it up. :)

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