Thursday, April 3, 2008

I thought it was Friday...

Shucks, I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday...only Thursday...sigh. Oh well...I guess in reality weekdays and weekends really don't make a difference to me other than hubby doesn't have to work on weekends. So why should I care???? Silly me.

So, yesterday afternoon I was coming down the stairs with Noah (playing with him of course) and fell the last few steps. Thank God I didn't drop him or fall on top of him is all I can say. I think I have a slight sprain though. My ankle is a little swollen and hurts. Hubby made me stay off the feet all evening with ice on it and wrapped it for me. That seems to have helped tremendously. Hopefully this won't take long to's kind of annoying.

I was working on the strawberry layout again yesterday. Got some great ideas from the CT team I am on so will be playing around more this weekend probably. I also want to complete the second page because that will have all the journaling on it. I am amazed at how much more I get some with the digital than I did with paper. It just seems to come so much more easily for me. Hmm...I always thought I needed to do something with computers...just never really sure of what until now!

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