Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Friday...woo-hoo!

Okay,'s almost Saturday really. This day just flew by! I guess that is what happens when you are having fun. I had to laugh this afternoon. The boys LOVE getting their shoes put on. They will crawl into my lap and the other waits anxiously beside me for his turn. Today, I was putting one of Noah's socks on and he grabbed the other one and started trying to put it on his foot. It was the cutest thing ever! And then when we got home Cameron started fussing as I was taking my shoes off. He wanted his off too! They just crack me up every day with something new.

Speaking of cracking me up. The other morning I come in after their nap and this is what I walked in to. So we started calling him Tarzan. Maybe he is trying to make a new fashion statement for boys. Have no idea how he managed to do this but it cracks me up to look at the pictures even. You can see on his little shoulder where there are red marks from him obviously scratching himself while taking it off. Too funny.
Pray this house of ours sells soon! We have decided the last week of May would be the move date. I am a little nervous but know it will all work out. Just have to keep the faith. But hey, I will have tons of time to scrapbook since we will be living in temporary housing for 2 months. Woo-hoo! See, there is always a positive side to everything. :)

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Scraps of Candy said...

Nice to know I am not the only one that has a toddler obsessed with shoes! My little girl absolutely loves them. When we tell her it is time to get your shoes on you would think we were telling her she was getting ice cream! I will pray about your house. We have been trying to sale ours too actually. It has been on the market since January so we are starting to get a little discouraged. It is hard trying to keep a house perfect when you have two little ones at home because you never know when someone is going to call and say they want to show it in 15 minutes - like they did today. But you are right, it is important to keep the faith. My friend got an offer on her house yesterday after trying to sale for almost 10 months and it was actually off the market at the time! God works in mysterious ways sometimes. Have a great weekend.


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