Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Family History

So, I have been curious about my family history for a long while now. It seems every time I want to start undertaking the task of doing research always seems to be an extremely busy time in my life. Is there a reason for this? I am beginning to wonder. Hmm... But as I am starting to get serious about the boys' scrapbooks I am really wanting to be able to put a family tree in there and make them aware of their ancestors.

On my moms side the family name isn't all that common so her side has been much easier at tracking people down. My maiden name however is a very common one and so has been next to impossible for me to find anything. My father only has 2 siblings still alive and one of them has some information for me...I just have to wait until she is finished compiling it before I can find out some of the answers to my questions. I am really hoping to be able to go and visit here in the next few years and do some research.

So many things I want to do and just always seem to get so focused on one of them. Tunnel vision, that is what I have. Here lately it has been for scrapping. I just want to sit and scrap all day. The thing with that is I end up spinning my wheels. I do a layout, then I keep tweaking it and tweaking it. The ones I complete just seem to fall into place. If it is one I started and am "tweaking" I am beginning to wonder if it will ever get completed. Ha! I am always secretly envious of these gals who can pop 3-4 layouts out in an evening and just be thrilled with them. Perfectionism can be a real pain...ya know?

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Margaret said...

Perfectionism is a real curse. I think you do wonderful scrapping; you are so creative. And you sing too! I love the stars up above.


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