Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dragon you say?

My little guy being a dragon. For some reason at the end of the day both of the boys love to put these on and run around. Their Nana (thanks Nana!) brought them for them on a trip not so long ago and they will go and pull them out from time to time. It is usually Cameron who does this so I was surprised Noah did the other night. I just think they look too adorable in them not to snap pictures!

And speaking of pictures...I've found a new lens I would love to get some time this year. I am in no way a professional photographer and really never have the hopes of being one. But I do love taking pictures of my kiddos and this would be a great leans to have to do that with. Noah seems to have inherited M's red-eye thing. The only way I do not get red-eyes for either of them is to not use the flash. Which of course means I need a faster lens and lower f-stop. I know, I know, that means nothing to a lot of you. And I hardly understand it myself but the fact remains I think this would be a good lens to add since I have not added one since getting the camera a year ago. Time to start thinking of it.


Courtney and the Boys said...

Ohh.....that would SO totally be worth it, my friend! I'd love to have the Canon equivalent. I've seen photography from people who use these lenses and it's just amazing! :)


Controlling My Chaos said...

Love the dragon. You could also just fix the red-eye in your photo editing program. Never mind. Go for the lense. You deserve a new lense.


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