Saturday, February 21, 2009


Wow...the days are back to running together. I went and scrapped last night and got a page finished. One was worth it though. I did get some files organized (that tends to take my first hour I am scrapping). I, like always, have too much stuff.

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I am really into the typography thing and would love to spend time over the next year learning more about it. But then again I guess that will just have to go on the list...along with the 50 other things I would like to learn this year. Ya think it will happen?

We ventured to a pre-school fair today. The fair was nice, the boys seemed okay with it all. It was mostly just booths of people with info but they were taken with the noise and hustle and bustle. They even got a tooth brush that lights up...they will enjoy that I am sure since they love to bring their toothbrush to bed with them!

Learned a very cool trick for those of you who love salt scrubs. Get some sea salt and mix it with olive oil and vanilla and make your own! You can mix it with any kind of fragrance oils but vanilla is something I typically have on hand at all times. :) Put it in an airtight jar and have your very own salt scrub that will make your hands, elbows, whatever feel soft and smooth. Let me know how you like it if you end up trying it.


Courtney and the Boys said...

Yay for scrappin'! I got 6 pages done last night (I do traditional scrapbooking) and I feel so good! I'm almost done with Ellis' first year (and he just turned 2 - yikes!)...but better than nothin'.

And we made our own salt scrubs, too, at our MOPS group last year. Love it!


Margaret said...

I've never used a salt scrub, but there are certainly parts of my body that need one!!


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