Monday, February 2, 2009

Long week

Wow, this last week was just crazy. Between Noah getting sick, the in-laws coming to visit and M's SIL going into labor it was just crazy. M and I were supposed to go out of town. It didn't happen. Noah got sick and was CRANKY! I was talking to a friend at a Superbowl Party last night and she mentioned that the steroids could be what is causing him not to sleep. OMG I pray that is so. This has been the roughest week we have had in god only knows how long. Noah cried until nearly midnight the other night. It was terrible and my heart broke in a million and one pieces. I don't ever want to have to go through that again!

So, I have been playing catch up with downloading photos, cleaning my house and going through mail. So very behind on all three! Noah pretty much required full attention this last week and thankfully Cameron is such a trooper we made it through. So nothing got done from last Wednesday until pretty much now. Oh...and they still aren't really napping! They both napped for an hour today so that is a start back in the right direction!

Okay, more updates from the last few days and pictures to come tomorrow...I am wiped out! But M is a proud new uncle and a huge congratulations to the new mom and pop D and S and baby Bella!

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mommyjill said...

Wow I can't believe she had the baby already! I bet your in laws were excited- were they there to see the baby? Or were they at yall's house? Tell M congrats on being an uncle :)
The steriods could for sure be making him not sleep- they can make your heart race and make you feel wired- ask the dr. about reducing the dose or trying it much earlier in the day- when I have taken it later in the day I couldn't sleep as well. Hope you all get some rest soon!


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