Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another pictureless post

Ahh...another pictureless post today. I had a crummy day until the late afternoon. Noah is hitting the terrible 2's...hard. It seems every time he gets sick the next week is pure h%#@ if I recall the last time he was sick as well. I guess he learns when he cries and stuff he gets special attention. So man is it tough to get him back on track. No fun at all for M and I. It rips my heart in a million pieces to be honest. But now we have the added newfound independence thing to add in there. Oh my. He is a strong willed child to say the least. Hmm...wonder where he gets that from.

So this evening to relive some of this stress I decided to go with a friend to a Zumba class. Very cool. I felt like I had 2 left feet but given some time could learn it. It is basically an aerobics class but using Latin dance. Which I love. I think I always secretly wished I were a ballroom dancer or something. I love it. Too bad I have 2 left feet! Oh well. Tonight brought back many memories of show choir in college and the look on Dr. Babin's face each week. He used to get so frustrated with me I know. I am one of those strange people that it takes forever to get dance moves but when I finally do I have them. You can't throw me. And when I finally get it I can put all my heart and soul into it. Which I used to do in my single days each week out on the dance floor. I love to dance...have just always been shy about it around people I know. Strange, huh? Anyhoo...loved the Zumba class and think I will be returning. I was a much happier mommy when I got home and helped put the boys to bed. Exercise good.

I am keeping my fingers crossed I get to go again tomorrow night and scrap. Ahh...2 Fridays in a row! M has to do some travel so pray he gets back time, k? See ya tomorrow with some pictures I am sure. Too tired to take the time to download tonight. Off to bed for me...

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Margaret said...

I've heard of that; it's gotten people to exercise who normally would hate it! I hope you get to go again too--and scrap. You need a break from those terrible(but normal) twos!!


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