Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Binkofier. That is Cameron's new word for pacifier. M calls is a binki and I call it a pacifier so he just combined the two and we now have Binkofier. So funny to hear him say!

Noah has been having a really tough time going to sleep both at naps and at night. This is not a fun thing to go through. This afternoon Noah was crying and I heard Cameron on the monitor trying to sing to him! It was the sweetest thing ever and I just wanted to blubber like a baby. He kept saying "Twinkle, twinkle." Oh he is such a sweet child!

So I topped my pictures from yesterday...I took 96 today! Again, not meaning to but we were having fun. I decided to download the free trial of Lightroom and can I just say I am totally lost. Gave up. Glad I didn't spend the money on the program. It would be one thing if I had the time to learn a new program but I can't even figure out how to save the darn image after I edited it let alone try to figure the whole thing out. So with a big heavy sigh I am done. I am just going to limp along and enjoy the knowledge I have for now. I am worn out and really need to focus on some of the other things I have already going on instead of taking on yet another project that I will get consumed with and stay up half the night. I don't do I?

I am hesitant to put this on here but am going to anyway. I came across this blog post toay and it has been with me all day today. You see, this gal summed up all the feelings I have had for some time now. I was bawling my eyes out reading it, the whole time thinking did she get inside my head or something? I will revisit this topic again soon I am sure, just not sure I can put it all into words just yet.

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Controlling My Chaos said...

Cameron is such a sweetie. That must have been priceless for you. What great friends they are.


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