Sunday, February 8, 2009

This was a page I actually finished Friday night at the crop. I LOVE the sayings that Ana Aspens has created and want to use every single one of them at some point on layouts for the boys. I remember this day like it was just yesterday. The boys were just over 2 months old and this was our first little "photo shoot" mommy was doing. Noah couldn't even stay awake! It was funny and a special day to me. And of course you gotta love little boys in overalls. :)

For February, I challenged myself to take more pictures of other things. Not just of the boys. I want to learn as much as I can about composition and lighting over the next year. The more active the boys become the more I think I will want to have this knowledge. It's amazing what kind of shots you can capture with just that little bit of extra knowledge. So now I am on the hunt for good books and web sites to find useful information.

Poor Cameron last night woke up around 12:30 am. He was just crying and crying. I think I finally figured out after an hour of off and on crying that he has a 2-year molar coming in. This will be our first for either one of them. Hmm...could be part of the crankiness we have been experiencing this last week. Oh...if they could only come with manuals. The good thing is he can now tell us where it hurts so after a while last night we finally got him to tell us his mouth was hurting. And here I was thinking of giving up the binkofier. Uh...not until these molars come in for sure now! He was gnawing on that thing like there was no tomorrow. For a while there he looked like a dog you had just given a big old juicy bone to. Poor little guy, hope this one comes in quickly and the other 3 are not far behind. Just knock it all out in one shot!


Courtney and the Boys said...

I'm all for having them all come in at once! Ellis' did, and it was totally worth it. Painful, but worth it to get it over with.

Love your scrapbooking. I do traditional scrapbooking and got four pages done on Friday night. Seems like a small number, but I feel so accomplished! I'm almost done with Ellis' first year...ha!


Nola1130 said...

Beautiful always. You have such a flair. It is so amazing to see these old photos. So amazing how small they were then and how big they are now.

Controlling My Chaos said...

Such a cute layout. I love the colors. I'm with you, I was to learn more about photography. I just feel so overwhelmed because there aren't enough hours in the day.

mommyjill said...

Hate to tell ya sister- but I am STILL waiting for Lucas 2 year molars to come in- he is 4 and still does not have them according to his dentist! I have attributed many sessions of fussies to those teeth but not yet........ I hope for your sake they come in fast! Keep lots of Tylenol and sugar free popsicles on hand- those help.


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