Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feels like a Monday

All day yesterday I thought it was Sunday and today I thought it was Monday. So off track for some reason. It snowed again today, it's beautiful! Once again I don't want to get the boys out in it because Noah is just getting over this cold/whatever and Cameron I think is getting it. Some day I guess I won't be so cautious...maybe. Besides, it's only like 12 degrees out there and windy so we probably wouldn't get out even if they were better.

We now have a parrot in our home. His name is Cameron. Anything you say will be repeated. It is funny. And thankfully Noah is finally talking more. Yippee!

I took 79 pictures today! I can't believe I took that many. The boys were playing and we were at the table and they were just so stinking cute. I seriously need to learn how to edit my photos. That is next on my list of things I want to learn. :) But these were 2 of the ones I took that I am liking so far. Will play around more this week and see what I come up with.

I got to go and do some scrapping Friday night. I did 2 brag book pages for a friend and that was really all I had time to actually finish. I accidentally wrote over the file and had to recreate one of the pages...silly me! So that is what took a little longer than planned. Will have to show you what I did when I actually put some pictures in them. :)

And I have been trying to figure out today what to make for the boy's teachers for Valentine's Day. At this rate we won't even be going to class. It seems we get snow every Tuesday and so on Wednesday their class is canceled because of school delays. Ugh! I love winter here but am not liking this part right now. I am sure it will be fun when they go to real school though in a few years. Off to bed for me...


Mel @ Studio MCA Designs said...

Hope your babies get better soon! :-(

My boys got to enjoy your snow this week. They took off Sunday to go skiing at Perfect North and just got back home a few hours ago. It took them a long time to get home because they had to drive through an ice storm. They had a blast though. I am looking forward to going through the photos that my husband took of their trip.

Margaret said...

Yeah, it's not fun to have everything cancelled! The boys are adorable. I love their expressions.


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