Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wow...I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve! This entire year has flown by in what seems a blink of an eye. We have spent so much time either getting ready for or moving and for 2009 all we want is to settle in and just enjoy life. It has all been worth it but man are we tired!

I am so excited about seeing the boys on Christmas morning. They are going to have a ball. We are still hoping to get out and see Santa tomorrow but that will make it even more special I think. We have had some bad weather and such so has put kind of a damper on us getting out much the last few weeks. Today it decided to ice and we were not able to get out at all this afternoon. M tried...he turned around and came back and almost wasn't able to get back into the driveway. and the poor UPS man that delivered some great packages here almost busted it coming up our drive/stairs. I felt so bad for the poor guy having to be out in that mess! But they are out now salting the roads and it seems to be warming up to a balmy 32 degrees so hopefully tomorrow we will be able to get out. I REALLY want to take the boys to see Santa!

Okay, off to wrap presents and get myself to bed so I can enjoy all the festivities that start tomorrow. :) Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!


Jill Scott said...

Have a wonderful Christmas! I hope your boys get to see the big man. Good luck!

Mel @ Studio MCA Designs said...

Merry Christmas! Hope your holidays are blessed with love and laughter.



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