Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fond memories

When I was a kid and my grandmother came to visit she always made pierogis around the holidays. I love them but have never tried my hand at making them. Kate over at A Simple Walk brought back some fond memories for me today as she talked about making them with her mother and grandmother. and man hers looked oh so yummy!

Makes me really miss my family. I would love for my mom to teach me how to make these and nutrolls. Strange because as a kid I wasn't crazy about walnuts but for some reason this last year I have been obsessed with learning how to make these. Maybe it's because I have children of my own now and want to carry on traditions or something. I need to get her recipes for both so I can attempt them this holiday season. Only wish she could be here to teach me how to do them herself! Oh well, guess a phone call will have to do. Maybe I can talk her into setting up a video cam and finally get ours up and running. Hmm...maybe a good project for this week.

The snow has finally stopped it seems for a while. The sun came out and it is all starting to melt away. Sigh...the pup likes going out and licking up the snow...very funny to watch him going around to the garden furniture and eating the snow off. Ha! It's just good to see him enjoying something for a change! I have been so worried about him since we moved but hopefully having a house full of people this last week was what he needed to settle into the new place and see it is really home now.

Had to laugh at this picture of my little one. The other night he was playing after dinner and put the bag on his head and was playing with the straws. Now I think he may end up being a little creative type, don't you?

Cameron finally did it. He loves to run through the house and just go in the circle over and over again (our downstairs makes a big circle that they can run wide open). He falls all the time on the hardwood floor and every time I hold my breath waiting for the cry. It happened tonight. Of course, the day M goes out of town is when it would happen. But all was well in the end and thankfully he just busted his lip and nothing major happened. He actually sat still for more than 5 minutes and ate an ice cube while I held him! This in itself is a major thing for him. He never sits still...NEVER. He is wide open all day...so wonder he usually sleeps so well at night (I just jinxed myself for tonight I am sure now). :) But poor little guy has his first busted lip and I am a little worried about what it will look like in the morning. It was pretty big. Hopefully the ice will do the trick. But as hubby said...he has been on borrowed time on that one...it was only a matter of time and I knew it.

Off to bed for me...hope you all have a great night! It's going to be 17 degrees here on Thursday. Yikes!


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