Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So this was Cameron's lip this morning. Poor guy. Looks like he lost a fight with someone's fist. It was red when I went to pick him up this afternoon. I felt so bad for him. He is one little trooper though and continues to surprise me when he doesn't feel well and stuff. Just keeps on going like nothing is wrong. I must have done something good somewhere along in my life to deserve him! Now if we can get Noah to stop the whining and learn to talk life would be well again. He has gotten it bad the last few weeks. Whining and whining and whining and refusing to actually say what it is he wants. Not sure how much of that I can take. Trying to get him to "use his words." Good luck, eh?

The days are flying by, December has started off with a bang and I realized how much there is still to do. At least I have started my Christmas shopping and the house is starting to look more like Christmas. Just catching my breath I guess from Thanksgiving this week and then will dive in with reckless abandon I guess.

It's this time of year I miss singing the most. I used to love doing all the holiday performances and stuff. I think Midnight Mass was always my favorite. I still call it Midnight Mass, I guess technically it is Candlelight service in our church. That is one of the fondest memories I have as a child. We would always do our Christmas on Christmas Eve. We would have a big dinner and everyone over. Then all the kiddos would go outside and look for Santa and the North Star. After that we would open presents and play until time for church. Church was always such a neat experience on Christmas Eve.

And of course there is always the story of my little brother when he was really little. My mom used to sing Silent Night to him as a baby to put him to sleep. Apparently one year at Midnight Mass he stood up as they were singing Silent Night and proclaimed to the whole congregation "Don't Silent Night me!" This is always a story that comes up at Christmas anytime my family gets together. Always makes me smile.


Margaret said...

That's the toughest age there is,except for 3, preteens and 16. Then 18 isn't a picnic either! (hee hee) Hope you can go back to singing some day; it's a shame to waste your talent. I love the story!

Jill Scott said...

I love your blog makeover, it looks great!

JillH said...

I love the new look too- it is very cool! Lucas ans I sat here and looked at it a long time tonight and he said baby when he saw the boys pictures.
Sorry to hear about the twin mom that passed away- God bless their family.
I know allllllllll about the whining and not "using your words"! That is all day everyday with Lucas. He won't use signs anymore so he gets really frustrated and has a meltdown- be thankful at least this is a phase- Lucas may do this forever!!!


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