Thursday, December 4, 2008

So thankful

Wow, today was full of some unexpected surprises. I find myself at a loss for words...which I guess doesn't happen all that often. Yesterday actually, I reconnected with an old childhood friend whom I haven't spoken to in years (gotta love Facebook). It was so cool to catch up and hear how things are going. But today I was so saddened to hear a fellow twin mom had suddenly passed away this past weekend. I was floored to say the least. They have no idea yet what happened. Were on vacation. She has 2 year old twins that were just a few months apart from mine. That is how we met. And although I only got to spend time with her a few times before moving, she was one of those people you just always remember. Awesome to be around and just had a genuine love for life. She will be missed by so many I am sure. So say a little prayer for her wonderful husband and those 2 beautiful babies, will ya!


Jill Scott said...

Oh how awful. Especially for her family. Life becomes so much more precious once you have kids. My heart goes out to them.

Margaret said...

That's great about connecting with a friend; I don't know how to do anything on Facebook! What a huge tragedy for the woman and her family. I remember always praying that I would live long enough to rear my kids. (still not done)


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