Saturday, December 27, 2008

My little guys are 2!

My little cuties on their birthday playing with their kitchen. They seriously LOVE this thing! I had gone to a playdate where they had one and Noah stayed at that thing the entire time. I knew this would be a birthday or Christmas present for sure this year! Cameron loves to wash his hands so he is having a ball using the pretend sink...very cute.

Still hard for me to believe that my little guys are 2 years old now. Seems like we were just in the hospital. Kind of neat though I have to admit. We had such a wonderful day yesterday. I need to download pictures and stuff. I always seem to be behind on that these days.

Christmas was nice. It was quiet other than the squeals from the boys playing. They had a ball and were exhausted by the end of the day. So were we! Then it was up putting the kitchen together that night for the next day's fun times. We got smart though and had breakfast first instead of doing presents. On Christmas day they wanted to just keep playing so they didn't eat breakfast until nearly 10! But that's okay, they are in no danger of starving.

Opening presents was funny. They came down and saw the tricycles from Nana and PawPaw and they had to get on them and we didn't think they would even bother opening anything else. They played for a little while and then we opened the "cell phones." Oh my...they love phones and this was a hit. They would open one toy and then play with it. It took us a couple hours to open presents. I had to laugh because my friend Cathy, whose daughter is a month older than the boys, said her daughter did the exact same thing! Must be an age thing. It was cute though and made things very easy and relaxed.

Speaking of easy and relaxed...I guess I had better get myself back upstiars and finish up so I can go and relax and catch some Z's. :) Hope you all have a great weekend!


Jill Scott said...

Happy Birthday to those adorable little guys!

Margaret said...

It sounds like they got some great gifts that will keep them VERY busy. Happy Birthday to them!!

Nola1130 said...

Have to get a kitchen. My little one went on a play date with a friend. They spent the whole time playing in the kitchen. Where did you get yours?

PS. Happy Birthday Boys!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh how time flies! It honestly seems like a month ago that I was reading your blog and marveling that you weren't even fat with twins!


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